Friday, August 31, 2012


You know that feeling of freedumb or weight lifted off your back you get when you quit your job? It is a great feeling. I have it cuase I just put in my two weeks and I am off to Denver with a van, some bikes and my dog and my tool box. Montrose has three things and three things only that I am going to miss.
1. the skate park
2. the legenday country western station on the radio, none of that new dance club ackey breaky fakey fuckin america-fuck yearh shit. legenday shit.
3. Lord Mick, you are the only twat (you are what you eat) in this quite, ho dunk, gun loving, god fearing, george bush worshiping cunt ass town that even reads this wierd blog. You will now be king of the castle and all the gnar shredding abundant trails. Rage on brother!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shit cell phone photos

It's finally back together...nice to be riding the ol girl again!  Done...for now...kinda... not at all really.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Im in love with my truck

I almost slept in her the other night. It is a good thing the radio dosent work other wise she might be like that Christine car in that Stephen King movie. scary ass mother fucker.

Lorelei on the quad.

Took Lorelei my 22 month old out for her first ride this morning. She had a blast. Is bugging me to go out again right now so looks like I am going out again.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Rickman!

So over the last year or two I have been helping a customer find parts for a sweet ride.
Today was the first day he was able to ride it. This sweet little piece of moto porno is a 1974 Rickman cr.I helped him restore it by searching high and low for original Honda parts for him. This is one sweet looking Honda.

The Rickman Cr uses the Honda CB750 moto, and other components but with a new frame and body work. I have been in the business for a long while and it is the first I have ever seen. I could look at this thing for hours and listen to it. I love motorcycles!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Peoria Euphoria with Sammy Halbert

Love him or hate him, the dude knows how to RACE!  Great video!

Yippy Ky Yi Yay Mother Fuckers

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A nice wet beaver

Beer coozy of the day

for those who dont know WOR is: Whooped Out Racing, and it is the meaning of life. dont forget to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Word.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Steamy large cell phone dump

Thanks amigos!!!!!!


mark of the beast

Riding up pikes peak in a hail shower. watch out for that turn!

pikes peak paradise

wooden doors

my bicycle fetesh continues to get more out of controle!

Two wheeling gypsy

.......Or the gang bang.

Life on the road. Life in a van. Life behind bars. Life in Colorado. Racing is life. Bumper stickers and trophies. Morning after Pikes Peak I left my set up at the lone duck campground and headed east with only my twin flattrack bike. practice started at 2pm and I pulled into the pits at 1:58pm. Kansas is great cause it smells like manure and that makes me think of home. Cosmic Cowboy helped with entry fees and bought me a rear tire with money that was less real than money people think is real any way. For that I can not thank Tommy's Triumph Shop enough. You are a true friend, you crazy fuck. I am sorry that a tree fell and butt raped your camper. mother nature can be a mean cunt. any hoo, the racing was great in Kansas. I love half miles and so does my home brew Yamaha twin. got a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd.  I stopped by the lone duck on my way home and picked up the remains of the prior week conquering the holiest of hills (my win on the mountain has still not set in) Got the van home after 8 days on the road and had enough time to clean my ass, change the van oil and head back out to Denver for some more friends and flattrack racing, more wins, more trophies and my life is rad. Supermoto out in Denver this weekend....

Champion on the block

$2500.  Can deliver to Denver area or maybe any cool race I should attend. She is race ready!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot Carl's steaming video

Carl drives a 69 chevy van. Check out his cool video of hill:

Joe Blackwell; the myth, the man, the legend.

Yeah, thats also him smokin the cigar with a xr750 salt bike. awesome pic. awesome bike. awesome guy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 PPIHC

 I'm sure everyone has already heard that our man Travis won at Pike's Peak yesterday!  What an incredible thing to see!  11:06.618 minutes!  6 seconds faster than 2nd place.  Nobody deserves an epic win as much as Travis, congratulations brother!  Here are a few photos of 747....

Friday, August 10, 2012

PPIHC practice day 3/ qualifying

What do Sideburn readers haul their bike in? Fuckin bitchin ass vans dude! Thanks to Gary for telling this cool fellow to find me. So many good friends made from the worlds finist go fast turn left publication.

POLE POSITION!!!?!! almost, this was the second to last run and on the last run I took off my boots and thought to save my bike, tires, and all. Ended up getting edged out by less than a tenth of a second! amazing, I never figured my home brew bike could throw down with some of the trick shit in myclass. my class (450) has more than twice as many entrants as the other classes. I purdy stoked on how I did this mornin. fuck yeah.

This is Joe. the myth, the man, the legend. Joe.

This is Joe's bike. It went off at Ski area this mornin and hit a boulder. Joe hit another boulder. He says it aint nothing big. Old guys rule!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

practice day 1

To fucking lazy to do anything with pictures and they would not do justice to what i have seen today anyway. bike ran sofa king good today. only problem is that it is making so much power i cant find enough gear in 5th. awesome! usually at this elevation 5th gear starts to feel like jacking off with half hard elmers glue. or one of those dreams where you just cant seem to move quick enough to do anything other than yell. any hoo. Annie is pulling harder than those viking dudes on worlds strongest man competition. shinko tires are my weakest link, so I am going to dress up like tinny tim and beg the big dogs for some take off tires that are worth a shit. today was middle couse practice, 'the double yous' "w's" or double U's or better yet- The W's. like a hairpin fiesta of switchback extravaganza that brings you form Cove creek to Devel's Playground. if you were one of those crazy fucks in a flying squirel suit you could do it backwards and have the same amount of thrill i supose. Tomorrow is the top section so I am going to go find a smaller rear sprocket and see what this motor can do at 14,110 ft. Peace. Much.

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's the final countdownd! da da da da daaa

Ok so I could have left today. The van is packed, the little shit box trailer is too and I even hitched it, even checked tire psi and engine goo level. but Tech is only five hours away and it runs all day tomorrow so I mind as well try to get one more night of sleep in my home, get up early, fill a mug of scalding herbal tea to succumb my nervousness and hope to the god i dont believe in that the ol 350 under my van hood gets me their tomorrow. In the trailer is my race stead, In the van is; a wool blanket, box of main jets, smoking generator for newly purchased tire warmers, some beer, and my hardtail so I have proper transportation to fanfest and yes i am as dumb to want to ride the no brake having piece of death trap up and down the hill in my spare time to get the feeling of what its like to be going to fast with out breaking speed limits. Paul D, another loneducker stopped by yesterday to haul my red headed back-up dirt bike 'Molly'. That way I could have room in my van xs flattracker....ok, so they rescheduled the race to the clouds on the same week as the Kansas 1/2 mile county fair circuit and if I am still alive after sunday I will drive to Stockton KS for the final two nights of half mile proper old school hot shoe sparking, slideways, pbr drinking horse fly biting my bare chest fun. Over ambitious I may be but so was every other crazy fuck that made a name racing bikes. Who the hell is to say? I just am going to do the best to keep the hell fire breathing motor i built from grenading on the climb and keep the low red headed 'orphan Annie the king of the hill' on the road. bit wound up I am. Ready to be making my foot pegs make jingle bell noises and the howl of skidding rubber. MUCH!  

Sunday, August 5, 2012