Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cherry popping, beans, and spam.

Did the first race on the SV after a busy week of prepping it and did my first short course road race, or street bike race, or what ever the hell it is called when you race a bike with clip ons on a tarmac race track. It was a fucking shit ton of fun! Despite the high cost of this form of racing I plan on doing a few more of these this year if all systems permit. I think the SV will be a great bike on Pikes Peak next year. I actually wish I was racing it this year but 450 class it is and 450 class I shall concur! The race was at High Plains Raceway about one hour east of my pad. The place is super fun. I want to go back soon!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Vint Open Main 4-26-14

my thinkings

So I know I spell as good as an outback aborigini who aint not never seen a dictonary. Thats fine, I dont care. People who judge people and base their believes off of such judgment dont concern me. I find it important to focus on the positive. every day is a huge oppertunitie that has been gifted from the cosmos. It is a huge mistake to not make the most of every oppertunity. Truly lucky are those who have enough wisdom to know what to do with their time. For in knowing what we want is power to eventualy get it. A clean freak enjoys a completed re-organized kitchen, a grease sniffing moto junkie enjoys a finished cycle. I love to embrace my Wife and share our time together. When nobody is around i like to adore a race trophy. My point is: Do what you want and do it well. embrace the positive. take lightly the negative. make the most of your time. I may practice my spelling a bit.... when race season is over.