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Shit in the shop (winter edition)

Still no heat in here but the honey badger dont give a shit.

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Duct tape I.D. tag with "Newbold" written on it. Has not seen the light of day in 30 something years.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My old friend gets hauled off to the scrap yard. I stopped driving this one about 8 yrs ago after my 4th transmission failed. the original engine had a mere 100k on the clock. It had an oil change record every 3k miles. This was the pre-cross country 747 racer van. Both 747 vans since have had over 200K each and still running. This one was the smoker's lounge for the college dorms, the king of snow drift busting, the dough nut slider, the neutral dropping, RV camshaft, burn out smoker, fast and furious fart car tromping stop light racer of Phoenix. When parties were weaning 650 Willy and I would put on our full face mx lids and like vikings pillage fast food drive throughs and hotel land scapings. long before retiring her I once rolled her in down town Steamboat Springs, drifting at speed on tarmac thinking I was All Unser, too much to drink. It ended up pretty much in Lord Mick's front yard. His parents called the police (before we knew each other). Never even cracked a window or busted a light. By the time I wright this it is probably finally getting crushed. Tough old godamned fuckinsumbitch.

THE MAZE 'The trap'

Cool video I nabbed off of the magnificent Sideburn blog.

The news

This week's issue of Cycle News features some great photos and a cool article on champions of past.

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Super Bikers

How cool was this shit!  I wish they would bring it back! Bet those 500s were a hand full.

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kx flattracker

They did a real neato job but when mine is done I am sure it will be sofa king cool! ...even if it might be tad bit more on the ugly side. 

Ding ding dang ding ding braaaaaaaawwp!

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A blog post of intergalactic farting

So here is my random picture of shit in the shop.

Ok, so tonight the rambling rant of posting on the blog is a topic of boring fucking blogdom blah blah blah.  Does anyone still look at this or has everyone jumped on istagram? What is next? the hayride to hell? Im their. Fuck it. Just blow up the picture and see how long it takes to count ten really cool or totally bizarre things. Enjoy it cause it is full screen and remember what telephones were invented for; prank calling the pizza shop. Peace.
P.s. see you on instagram tomorrow and if you dont have instagram get it and follow me so I can follow you and like pictures you like and pictures you like that somebody else likes that we all like, yay! lets just try and keep it two wheeled or cool shoes related. Much.

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Burnt Rubber

What is about seeing the CD-3 tires flake off their knobbly peel? Knowing how the sticky bastard must have been sliding? Knowing how hard you were pushing her into the corners and how when shit gets going in to deep you lean her down so low that physics are just plain defied. It is after all a 1981 heavy ol twin cylinder street bike! The track becomes harder and slicker later in the evening and the lower the tread knobs get the better the slides feels. Those squealing howls coming from the fast guys. After the pro class leaves the track it looks like a bunch of sci-fi propelled ice cream scoops went churning and scooping perfect arcing semi circle grooves around the corners. Yeah flattrack.

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2 Stroker fever

With two RD350 potential racer projects sitting in my garage I am finding it hard to concentrate on being my own boss, but how esle am I to pay for such projects than making money with other peoples projects that pay my bills that build my projects that saturate my thoughts and dreams like a freddy kruger nightmare 24/7. And of course pay my medical bills. I better brake it down and prioritize my expenses on a spread sheet like business man bill before the Pikes Peak entry deadline comes and goes. Speaking of which- allow me to vent on how pissed I am that the Pikes Peak hill climb entry has nearly doubled. I wrote them a ticked email and because of my language (what the FUCK?) they threatened to bar me from competition and the thought it best for me to not be the spokesperson for my group. Well who the fuck is going to speak up then when they increase entry from $400 to $700 and practice days from $200 a day to $350 a day. And what does this extra cost bring? - nothing! in fact they dropped the vintage class, dropped the 750 class and made the rule book so confusing that I cant even figure out what the fuck I could race in a senior class to my 450 class. Well fuck em! If I have to come up with $1400 dollars to race with a weekend of practice I will make it happen and even if I cant swing enough for the practice you better bet your beef that I will put my junk yard monster honda on the fucking podium once again! Any hoo... how about them 350s, lets race em!

vintage porn

Yamaha RD350

goin down on Haley

38th Avenue. Wheat Ridge. Colorado. Earth. Check it out. Fuck the corporate world beotch!

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FTWCO and Church of Choppers Knoxville AMA Flat Track 2012

Baja and I made our first appearance in an FTWco video. Stoked! Even got my van at the end when he says "there's your guy"
Was a fun night. I made the Vintage twins pro main and finished in the top 10. Got super bombed and puked... and rallied.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trophies don't come without crutches

Finding balance, riding the ride, sliding the slide. reality is real.

With a van you can

This post is my art movie post:

Just fucking watch the video eh!

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He push too hard.

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All in your Mouth

 Whose giving the death grip now?
that dude in the social D jacket is my boss. i like my job.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


 The ballad of the Elsinore was shortlived, as the welds attaching the exhaust pipe mount broke free on lap one, causing a top end failure within minutes. That lap was glorious however, dicing through dozens of C riders on modern bikes who began on the line ahead of me, and somehow outlasting Guy Cooper, who must've had worse luck on his bultaco.
 The pit bike race was most excellent, and though i finished just off of the podium, my sparkly helmet and alcohol induced boner-airs were enough to win the "style award" and a photo with 4 artificial breasts attached to 2 real life chicks.

 I drew the lucky number one for the main event on sunday, and after a 2nd place start and decent lap 1, a fellow racer and i had an unfortunate convergence of race lines causing a violent 5th gear tumble. the other dude had some kind of leg injury and i got the pleasure of learning how its feels to become a ktm 350's bottom bitch. a kind onlooker wrestled the bike off of me and i went on my merry way aboard a twisted, yet fully functioning Brandy. The overall results have yet to be posted but according to my calculations, the effort landed me right around 10th.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Down there at the bike shop

What a nice day.
The birds were chirping, along with my tires.
I could smell a reefer cloud over the whole city, along with my tires. 
Shop is open. Obama is in the house. Pot is legal. Word.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Build it!

My pal Joe who races Pikes Peak and has a Bonneville BUB speed record on his harley XR750 is building a new bike for the salt flats. It will be powered by two Buell XB9 engines he is fabing together. He is: JOE, the myth, the man, the legend.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

my first foursome

time for a 5 day trip to oklahoma for a grand prix event. im racing all three of these dirty bitches at some point during the weekend. details to follow as well as nude photos

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where it's at

Mikey Martin pouring on the coals on his Triumph Bonneville. Stolen from the mighty Sideburn blog.

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Shit in the Shop today

My first interesting customer rode in on the "Grumph"

Looking at the world from my office.

Welcome. Grab a Coors and have a seat. Can I look you up some parts on the microfiche while you admire my certificates?

Baja keeps a close eye over the showroom.

One of my first paying jobs; Baja 1000 prepping a brand new 450; Re-valving suspension and doing magic work to the cylinder head. This bike has no idea the hell it is being prepped for.

Trophies- check, Leather biker jacket- check, old helmets- check, Coffee can sized dump truck piston- check, Stickers adorning filling cabinet- check, Pikes peak winners flag- check.

GS850 rebuild

Place is starting to get comfortable.