Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shit in the Shop today

My first interesting customer rode in on the "Grumph"

Looking at the world from my office.

Welcome. Grab a Coors and have a seat. Can I look you up some parts on the microfiche while you admire my certificates?

Baja keeps a close eye over the showroom.

One of my first paying jobs; Baja 1000 prepping a brand new 450; Re-valving suspension and doing magic work to the cylinder head. This bike has no idea the hell it is being prepped for.

Trophies- check, Leather biker jacket- check, old helmets- check, Coffee can sized dump truck piston- check, Stickers adorning filling cabinet- check, Pikes peak winners flag- check.

GS850 rebuild

Place is starting to get comfortable.


Paul Baleta said...

Lookin' settled in already! Cool shop... will have to give you some business sometime.

Anonymous said...

Love the Grump! Shops looking Great! Cosmicowboy!