Friday, March 30, 2012

Bleeding Knuckle Jam

Torque wrenching blues guitar on a tube radio

Lug Nuts along side chrome rivets in a baby moon hub cap

Lead wheel weights hammered in for balance

Hoods are up, trunks too

Lying on your back hands and feet are braced for maximum yield

A dog licks your face and a mosquito finds love

Scattered parts go back together like a jig saw puzzle

Rolling home on a dirt road with clouds of sun setting dust

Backyard dirt mechanics know the way

Fine threads tightened well on alloy rims

Oh such feeling, damn.

Home it is,  raw sustained notes of joy

A poem by my father.

seeing red

purdy then, purdy now

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Almost ready!

 Only a few more inches and she will be ready to moto! I will finally be able to pass down my moto skills. Only 17 months down a few more to go till she is ripping.
                           For now I think she will stick to riding rhinoceroses.

Cool video

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Thrills and funerals"

1913 editorial cartoon from the Detroit News
"The board tracks were refered to as 'Muderdromes"

From a cool article in this weeks CycleNews. get your self an online sub, its great.

time capsule project bike

Ive had a 83 Husky 250, 89 rm250, 99 yz 250, 01 ktm 250, countless crf450 and now my first full size real life kawi 250  

I can remember trading these stickers like baseball cards with my bro back in the day

Brand new graphics and seat cover from back in the day..... or metal tank and flattrack seat? hmm...

under that grim is a gold Talon hub
No I dont need another project bike! but when they are free whats a fellow to do? This is bike number 24 on my urban bike farm... I think. it is also plated number 24. It belonged to my best buddy growing up and fucking hell did we shred some dirt together. Later we started a punk band and consequently this 1993 kx250 has sat needing some work since. I was thinking of a flattrack race bike that i can let friends borrow, then I saw how unmolested my ol buddy's bike looked and I think it would make a sweet period correct Jeff Ward replica. Maybe a compromise between the two and I build an ABC wide world of sports Superbike!!!!!!!!!

rockin roll hayseed hustler

took these pics with a four year old piece of shit crap choco celi tele. sometimes it is content over quality. I like red pepper jelly.

Monday, March 26, 2012

An Urban Oasis

During my trip to the big city, I paid a visit to Sixth Street Specials, likely the only motorcycle shop with it's overflowing levels of badass-ness within a few hundred miles. After reading up on the place in Sideburn #9, I figured there would be a crowd of NYC street shredders hanging outside some futuristicly remodeled storefront. Incorrect. We hoofed it about 45 minutes from the nearest subway stop to find a gray solid metal door sunken into a brick wall littered in irrelevant grafiti. It didn't feel right, but the numbers I vaguely remembered from my google search the day before matched up with those on the wall, so I figured that I may as well at least twist the knob and see how many unreported murder victims lay inside. To my relief, I had arrived at a super cool urban lair of old motorcycles, and though the presence of any dead bodies may still be debatable, I could tell from the smell alone that I was among a familiar crowd.

The lower level of the shop was only accessible through a small trap door in the corner, or a slightly less small trap door that went out to the street. It was stuffed to the ceiling with project bikes and spare parts waiting for a project bike to call them to action. Most of the bikes had flat track rubber and racing number plates mounted up, I liked it.

I sort of had to guide my own tour of the place, but my guess is that this shelf is a money maker in the vintage British bike world. does anybody want some head?


no shop could ever be considered awesome without a healthy(if not hefty) portion of crazy shit hanging on the walls. Sixth Street Specials certainly gets an A+ in that department.

Though the owner, Hugh, was not in for me to chat with during my visit, his employee Fumi and I spoke for quite sometime about racing and the many differences between the restricted and overcrowded cage of NYC compared to the quiet and open playground of Colorado. It was great to speak with a fellow racer amongst a massive city of people who are seemingly obsessed with waiting in lines, spending money, and screaming at foreign cab drivers. Fumi's chopper was bad to the bone and definitely the only custom built bike getting ridden to work on a rainy day in the city, bare metal finish and all. Fumi was also the nicest person I ran across in my 8 day excursion, likely because he was 100% Japanese and 0% American, what a surprise. Sixth Street Specials was definitely the highlight of my journey and I plan to return in the not so distant future. Thanks for letting me hang out Fumi!


It's True! The best god damned book out their! Issue ten even has some colorfull words about pikes peak form some 747 wack job! Buy a copy! Do it damn it!

racing toy cars on a sunday

It aint racing bikes but its still racing. I fuckin kicked your ass Ian!

Photos: Brian Branson

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday little sister!

fuck hallmark

I sent my sister on a wild goose chase. I hid this envelope with instructions in the back of a semi trailer in the hands of  a creepy as fuck doll. I had to walk out backwards.  dont look into the dolls eyes. im serious!

mother earth raping. tree hug'n hippie crap. fuck the whales. stay the trail fool!

Friday, March 23, 2012

as the Bouncing Souls once said.....

IF I HAD MONEY ID BUY A NEW BMX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heart COC!

out to my ol '55

feelin so holy

Thursday, March 22, 2012

shit in the shop

Can anybody find the 100% complete factory original kawasaki in this pic?

Scramble ME: A Triumph Scrambler Adventure with Ernie Vigil

Found this one on Sideblog. Icon sure do know how to make a cool video.                                                      They are right at the top of the wish list of sponsors i wish i had!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the big nasty nissan

as soon as i became licensed to take the driver seat of an automobile, this little nissan and i learned they ways of the broadslide. all she needed was a descent set of studded snows and my life was immersed in a new wintertime obsession. aside from all of the encounters with the boys in blue, i miss every moment at the wheel of the big nasty. my last time in the driver seat ended just as i had always hoped: totaled on the sidelines of a hillbilly ice race course. i will always believe in the power of the van, but drifting just isn't the same without a shitty old truck. RIP

choppers not dead

it has been hauling me to work all winter. with Baja's fat ass on my lap.
who likes the skippy?!


....A man needs to build a jump.
.....And sometimes it is in the middle of the city park.

Living in the Montrose....

With the time change last week came the year's first thursday night after work ride. It has been a montrose tradition since the dirtbike first rolled its knobblies on the delicious terriferma we call mother earth. After moving to this mormon mexican white trash western slope town I got a loan on a house 5 min. from the awe inspiring adobes. Thursday night is my sunday morning.

Rule # 1:

Never ever ever ever go to an indoor demolition derby.
Rule #2: (you all probably know this one) Tie your fucking shoes before going into the mosh pit.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vegas 2012

Looking forward to next years concrete slam fest.... I wouldnt complain if they went back to dirt. ...What the fuck ever! ITS RACING! CHEERS MITCH!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Long View

"When masturbations lost its fun your fuckin lazy!"
-Billy Joe Armstrong
Im just say'n.

Freeby, zip, zero, nada

Twas purdy cool that Morgan with Highland Cycles gave me the frame that I started building orphan Annie with. Even cooler was when new parts guy Mick-a-licka brought home some donated cycra shrouds with space age high flow air induction. And Still even coooler yet where the Highland Cylce graphics, complete with plaid and a dude on a dirt bike playing the bag pipes!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am
The Bob Marley equivalent
of redneck motorcycle racer
flash back
short track
dirt track
piston crack
dont smoke crack

I am
so burned out
I burn out untill i loop out
Woo hoo 5th gear slide out

Hell bent for glory
Write my own story
Ashes to ashes
Dust to glory

Friday, March 16, 2012

BBQ weather

My favorite fucking time of year! blue skies, warm temps, cold beers. Time to fire up the grill!