Monday, March 12, 2012

Texas relleno bueno

Went down to the land of big hats, butts and trucks for an enduro this last weekend. got home at 2am this morning and i cant figure if it hurts to sit because of what i ate or just normal monkey butt. I asked the moto gods for rain as last year it was more dusty than an Egyptian camel toe fart. it rained all day saterday. van life. the local quitaquay (pronounced kitty-que) cafe was a great place to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I chanted one more message to the moto gods by way of a chili relleno fart induced rain dance and woke up sunday the day of sun to sunny skies. the dirt was the shiznit snip snap bip bam bizzle. I have raced a lot of races and it is sofa king rare when the dirt was as good as it was. my brake finger hurts from harnessing Molly's abundance of "go". scored lucky number 13th overall and took home another trophy and even more appreciation for texas cooking.

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Paul Baleta said...

Nice one on the trophy dood!