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Shit in the shop (winter edition)

Still no heat in here but the honey badger dont give a shit.

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Duct tape I.D. tag with "Newbold" written on it. Has not seen the light of day in 30 something years.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My old friend gets hauled off to the scrap yard. I stopped driving this one about 8 yrs ago after my 4th transmission failed. the original engine had a mere 100k on the clock. It had an oil change record every 3k miles. This was the pre-cross country 747 racer van. Both 747 vans since have had over 200K each and still running. This one was the smoker's lounge for the college dorms, the king of snow drift busting, the dough nut slider, the neutral dropping, RV camshaft, burn out smoker, fast and furious fart car tromping stop light racer of Phoenix. When parties were weaning 650 Willy and I would put on our full face mx lids and like vikings pillage fast food drive throughs and hotel land scapings. long before retiring her I once rolled her in down town Steamboat Springs, drifting at speed on tarmac thinking I was All Unser, too much to drink. It ended up pretty much in Lord Mick's front yard. His parents called the police (before we knew each other). Never even cracked a window or busted a light. By the time I wright this it is probably finally getting crushed. Tough old godamned fuckinsumbitch.

THE MAZE 'The trap'

Cool video I nabbed off of the magnificent Sideburn blog.

The news

This week's issue of Cycle News features some great photos and a cool article on champions of past.

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Super Bikers

How cool was this shit!  I wish they would bring it back! Bet those 500s were a hand full.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

kx flattracker

They did a real neato job but when mine is done I am sure it will be sofa king cool! ...even if it might be tad bit more on the ugly side. 

Ding ding dang ding ding braaaaaaaawwp!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A blog post of intergalactic farting

So here is my random picture of shit in the shop.

Ok, so tonight the rambling rant of posting on the blog is a topic of boring fucking blogdom blah blah blah.  Does anyone still look at this or has everyone jumped on istagram? What is next? the hayride to hell? Im their. Fuck it. Just blow up the picture and see how long it takes to count ten really cool or totally bizarre things. Enjoy it cause it is full screen and remember what telephones were invented for; prank calling the pizza shop. Peace.
P.s. see you on instagram tomorrow and if you dont have instagram get it and follow me so I can follow you and like pictures you like and pictures you like that somebody else likes that we all like, yay! lets just try and keep it two wheeled or cool shoes related. Much.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Burnt Rubber

What is about seeing the CD-3 tires flake off their knobbly peel? Knowing how the sticky bastard must have been sliding? Knowing how hard you were pushing her into the corners and how when shit gets going in to deep you lean her down so low that physics are just plain defied. It is after all a 1981 heavy ol twin cylinder street bike! The track becomes harder and slicker later in the evening and the lower the tread knobs get the better the slides feels. Those squealing howls coming from the fast guys. After the pro class leaves the track it looks like a bunch of sci-fi propelled ice cream scoops went churning and scooping perfect arcing semi circle grooves around the corners. Yeah flattrack.