Friday, July 30, 2010

Less than a month...... and ticking

Took the engine back out tonight in order to finish the welds on the motor mounts. i had to cut oun back out in order to fit the suzuki boat anchor out of the kawi rails. hope i can remidy this before the next engine in frame fuck session i have- lube is key in ALL situations. Thnks to Joe the motorcycle racing legend for sending me the vintage stabalizer. it fits mighty fine. next step: decide if i want to scheck vavles or points or slam that heavy fucker back in the frame and get ready for da salt. braaaaaaaaaawp

Monday, July 26, 2010

do work son


Its gotta a hemi.

my favorite tractor

I cant help but take a picture of this old tool of much use. one of those girls. eh

Hayden Speedway. (one and only)

This track is rougher than that shit we used to chug and barf all over ourselfs back in the day, you know when you mix up all the booz in your parents liqure cabinet. yeah thats this track after two days of modifieds (cagers from hell). i even saw a cinderblock brick sticking out of the line is was about to slide my hotshoeless poor foot. H- town: the one and only. beer, rednecks, racecars, and garbage. godbless and amen

Fuck digital shit

camera card and its little piece of no good shit reader lost all my pikes peak pics, yes even the one i took of me and malcom smith at the top of the mountian that took me three years to work up enough courage to approach the legend. ...deep breath.... ok i fell better, damn thats some good shit, medical is mighty fine. nother deep breath...... ok i feel ok now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


What better way to spend a week than camping in a van, getting up at 3am all week, going as fast as possible on one hell of a highway up "America's mountian" and finally taking home a second place trophy in the competitive 450 pro class. I love the PPIHC. best race of the year. I will get more pics of my camera when I figure out how to. everything from sidways cudas and mustangs to vintage bikes, partying, girls oh yeah and Malcom Smith.