Thursday, May 18, 2017

She's A Runner!

Pikes Peak tugs at emotions in many ways. One of the many mental stresses for the last three years for me has been depending on other people. Before it was only me. When somebody says that they are building a super machine that they want me to ride, I feel completely honored and thankful for such opportunity. Though I hope for the best I expect the worst. Because I know how hard it is to build a race bike from scratch I know that it may never come together in time with such exotic and high tech machinery such as Ronin and Bottpower. Though I got to do some early testing on a stock Ronin the Race bike was a whole different beast and it was not ready to ride until practice on the mountain. When I prepared a Multistrada for Paul last year I was the one being depended on to get things sorted in time and even with a mostly stock bike it was a stress on my part.  Add to it the race organizers selection of the limited field of racers and my uncertain standings with the organization. It was a huge relief to have my entry accepted this year. This year I am in store to race a special bike built to conquer the mountain from the ground up by world class Moto2 engineer. To say I have been a bit eager is like to say my dog likes to fetch a ball. With less than a month to go until first practice on the mountain I have been informed by David with Bottpower that the bike completed it's first test without issue. A former world superbike racer did the shaking down. I soak this all in as I type this. I am to fly over to Spain next week to test the bike myself. I am totally and completely tickled pink to purple. Insert goofy, grinning, shitting pants emoji here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Wolf will shred again.

I met Carl at the 2013 Pikes Peak race to the clouds. We hit it off. He was getting into dirtbikes and looking to me for help. I was getting into tarmac racing and looking to him for help. In 2014 he bought a ZX10 and raced it up the hill finishing in the same amount of minutes and seconds as me. I don't remember the time but I do remember having a real good time that year. He was always a lot of fun to be around. He inspired me to buy an old SV650 to turn into a track bike and he was my instructor for my MRA licensing school. In my first race I was doing nose wheelies into turn 1 and Carl, his wife Lacy, and his brother Chris all told me that they would hate to see what I could do on a real race bike. I have done my best to transform the little SV into a proper bike but it will always be a sub hundred pony power pusher. But it does make some mother fuckers angry in the corners. Any how, I am tired of hearing people tell me that "I'd hate to see what you could do on a real bike." So I am buying the late great Hot Carl's ZX10 from Lacy. I want to put together a program next year to travel to new tracks and be a superbiker and I am going to give it everything I got.
Thank you Carl.

Friday, May 5, 2017

How Instagram has instantly instilled insecurity in in-sequentially inumerable inadauquite enormouse amount of shitty camera photos:

6 mile chocolate cake road race track on knobblies.

I have been riding as much as I can.

Gary built me a sexy exhaust. Gary is cool.

I bought a Goldwing 1500. Oh yes I did.

My work bench is my canvas.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am building myself a new chopper. Because I am not sensible, smart, or able to come to grips with the standards of a society that sells smart cycle brain washing machines. Mikey builds me springer parts. Mikey is cool.

Gary builds himself a motorcycle. Gary is cool. Upside down stickers and all.

My happy place. Little Goose. Chris Gosselaar's 2003 (He finished 5th in the outdoors that year) Factory Connection CR125.
On the pipe.