Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shit in the shop. (my place to be)

The shop for me is a place of holy worship and spriritual zen. a place to drink, smoke, meditated, throw wrenches, play with fire, look at porn and of course caress my sweet two wheeled ladys with many hours of adoration. when i am to pooped to ride or just to flat wrecked to get off my ass i know that in the shop i will always have a job and a place to build my next life threatining cylce. holy ground. the temple. the place where glory is put into motion.
build it, race it, wreck it, fix it. love it.
stinger pipes=boner inspiring
good stuff. i see a case of red strip....im thirsty
hopefully will get started on this bsa restoration project this winter. i dont know what to do with the shocks, they seem stiff....maybe i will pant them. pretty much just like playing with clickers on my showas.

the bonneville bike before i tore into it. one hell of a nice roller to get handed to me and start with. i wish it could tell me it's history. probably went fast and didnt turn much.
The 79 gs 1000 before i stuffed it in my bonneville bike.

It may be just another xs 650 big bore but it gives me a big boner.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Epic save.

We have all had these kind of saves. Make you thank your lucky stars and say a prayer to the moto gods before van cacooning your self to sleep. My friend and former employer Mike Farmer captured this one through his lens at Pismo Beach WORCS race 2006. Was a great crazy race! ( you can tell by the missing number plate their was much carnage) If i remember correct this was my best day of WORCS racing taking a 3rd in open A and then a 5th in the Pro 2. I also learned this day that it is good practice to keep your foot pegs sharp! and bring spare shorts to the dunes.

The best holeshot of my life.

Yeah, thats Travis Pastrana getting beat by Travis Newbold..... baaaaaaaaaaam! ....peanut butter and jaaaaaam! uhhh naaa naaa naaa naaaaa.

pics off the celly telly

Toilet cam for my guest bathroom. good times.

I had my mom take this picture. thanks mom.
If my skills of wrenching on bikes ever fails me in life i suppose i could always be an interior decorator of vans. proper fungi-shwey and placement of course. i even gots the fold out couch for proper lovin. vans are creepy, dirty, scary, stranger danger and perfect for my life.
Zip tys and black tape will get ya home.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

kawi carnage

Selecting the proper gear before landing a big jump is a good practice. ouch.

my favorite sticker

This is a F.A.H.Q. club sticker. Jerry Bernardo's club. Yeah the ESPN, fresno smooth announcer jerry bernardo.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So here i sit
gears are turn'n
smell of fuel
rubber burnin

Twitchin finger
perfect feeling
anxious throttle
spirit stealing

Men on men
dogs of big
1, 2, 3, on the box
.......ya dig?

Connection between
thoughts and wrist motion
make reality only notion
holy glory givin
when your racin -your livin.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Congrats Willy. It was a super Bitch'n good time of a weddin.

You Bring hope to dumb ass' like me. your old lady is as rad as rad!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jan 7 and 8 2011....

I cant wait to go back to vegas for the Gene Romero opener. i might have to leave the ol 747 twin home and bring a gun to a gun fight this time. i think i was the only twin last year. look for my bike in the next Sideburn. buy a fucking subscription! its better than the bible and Hustler put together!


this is a ken maley. i found it sitting in a shop in Casper Wyoming. one never knows what they might find. i wish they still made boots with such bitchn stripes. love peace and wheelies

just another brick in the wall

flat track traction at the hayden speedway

Money well earned