Sunday, November 28, 2010

pics off the celly telly

Toilet cam for my guest bathroom. good times.

I had my mom take this picture. thanks mom.
If my skills of wrenching on bikes ever fails me in life i suppose i could always be an interior decorator of vans. proper fungi-shwey and placement of course. i even gots the fold out couch for proper lovin. vans are creepy, dirty, scary, stranger danger and perfect for my life.
Zip tys and black tape will get ya home.

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mcnasty_W.O.R_rider said...

those are some good puke shots. i took one and starred in the other. and im proud to rock the fold down funk sway bench in my very own van. it was the sight of an epic v-card thievery. thank god for horny women, twice.