Monday, July 28, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rage Life- Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race Run

Team-WOR-mate Uncle Jesse stuck a camera on my bike. It gets kind of turbulent near my rear. god damn beans.

Good wright up:

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Stockton 1/2 Mile 2012 Kansas State Fair Series, 08/14/2012 30+ Veteran ...

Its nearly the time of year to pack up van and head east. Getting excited. Garrett did a good job in this race. I look tired at the end. good thing I have been training this year. well at least doing twelve ounce curls and meditating on racer ninja chee while nurturing  my bonsai tree.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hill climb. Colorado style.

The Colorado Hill Climb Association has been racing up dirt mountain roads since the early 70's. The events are like little mini pikes peak races with how pikes peak used to be when it was dirt. This is the first year the association decided to let motorcycles race. This was my first one I made. Fun. Fast. Narrow. Forrest. Cliffs. Fast. Rough. And Fast. The start straight was long, 5th gear pinned for a long time. On my last run on Sunday I nearly binned it. I did not get a good brake entry into the first corner. I don't know what happened. Too late on the brakes or not enough lever or perhaps the freshly torn up softball sized rocks in my line prevented the traction I had hoped for. I scoped the out side ditch on the way down on an earlier run and noted that total disaster may be avoidable if the throttle was wide and luck kept me from plowing into the bowling ball patch of an embankment.  That is why I have roots in off road racing. The rest of the 2.5 mile course consisted of two 10' wide, 5th gear twisting cliff side  sections in the middle of 6 major corners, which were wide and loose with rocks of all sizes.
My runs were consistent and I beat all the other bikes and all but about 5 of the Open class cars. Some serious cool horsepower is put into hill climbing. It is nice to know a stock dirt bike with a piston, cam, head work can go faster than a jizgilion dollars. Only a few hill climbs a year but I am stoked.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Well fuck it! I guess I'll just go Racin and chase these blues away!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

two too many to two wheels

The Colorado Hill Climb Association has always been ripe with mountain road racing near me. With the Pikes Peak getting paved over they keep it real on roads less traveled. However, they have always only allowed four wheelers (atvs and cagers). I just found out that this year for the first time they are allowing MOTORCYCLES!!!! I have already missed a few and the kansas i-70 flattrack series falls on a date but this is exciting to have available to a sloppy slideways speedfreak like me!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The weekend update with Ned Flembag

It has been about three years since I bolted on my dry-brake quick fill tank and did some Hair scramble racing. The plan was a Bachelor party for Sir Ian. Saturday team race at the Powder horn ski resort, Camp out near by on top of the Grand Mesa and race the two hour hairscramble sunday. I must be getting old. First off I opted to miss the Friday night tittie bar shindig. I have about experienced all the strippers I care for. Must be getting old. This was the third year Lord Mick, Sir Ian and I teamed up to race at the western slope meet. The last few years we were in the open adobe desert. This was a rock infested forrest of intense density. I appointed Lord Mick team captain. He is getting fast and I just may be starting to age a tiny bit. He failed to get the holeshot against the two stroke mounted lightning quick Goat Man who I have teamed up with back in my Western Slope days of old. After nipping Goats hoofs for the first lap I took lap two with a handfull of whiskey throttle. I passed first place in the first corner in a feet off the pegs, river rock surfing, slideways drift that must have scared my victum enough to ensure a minute or so gap between 1st and 2nd by the end of my lap. It was Sir Ian's turn. His royal status has been achieved by shredding harder than any of us as we grew up. He however has always been pluaged with greenflagtitus. Race enviroments lead him to push harder than needed resulting in dismembered motorcycles, meat wagon rides, severe swearing and of course the frustration of a fast mother fucker who wants to win. Despite bad arm pump and a punctured rear tire Ian brought the bike in in one piece wearing a smile. We battled for a few more laps and won the overall. Go team W.O.R. Our camp spot was purdy fucking sweet. We fished, drank Cowboy's moon shine, ate a shit ton of burnt meat, mountain biked, swam. And only Mick was able to make it to the start line Sunday morning for the two hour. I bolted up my quickfill tank for nothing but like I said earlier; I must be getting old.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dirt Quake USA

Thats me in the white helmet desperatly trying to dismember my self.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pikes Peak 2014

And a good time was had by all! Sasquatch put Tommy's Triumph Shop on the podium! Newbold you da man! Ol friends, New friends, Friends from around the world! Crazy Dawg!  Third in lightweight class! 16 in motorcycles and I think 38 over all! O yeah! Seven years and five podiums!
I'm like a proud Daddy of my Son from another Mother. Cosmicowboy

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

11 minutes 4 seconds, 3rd in class, 16th O.A. bike, #1 good time

Crossing the finish line on top of Pikes Peak is very emotional. Many riders and even car drivers can be heard through their helmets screaming woo hoo, or FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH!!  For some reason I was very calm after reaching the summit this year. Perhaps I am becoming used to it after reaching it seven times in the seven years I have competed. Perhaps it was because I knew my run was not blisteringly fast. I did beat my best time by two seconds but a jetting miss-calculation left my bike so fat up top that I was not able to pull top gear on the last few straights.
  I did however experience some strong emotion on top. After taking off my helmet and doing the usual TV and radio interviews I decided to walk over to the finish line to watch some bikes catch the checkered flags. The second bike I saw fly by was a Triumph speed triple. The rider bravely celebrated across the line with a one handed peace sign. As I watched him pass I knew he was headed to the dangerous outside edge that have pulled racers off before. I watched him slip off the edge and then I saw the most violent thing I have ever seen as the bike and limp rag doll body bounced back up into sight, pinwheeled, bounced and repeated several times before coming to rest in a cloud of smoke, steam and granite boulder dust.
I have seen a rider cash in before on a dirt oval in Kansas. I have plucked a crushed toddler out of a crashed van in Mexico. Growing up on a ranch I have seen and been forced to take life and bring it in my own hands but watching chest compressions in the back of a flat bed pick up was a very chilling scene.
The mountain demands much respect. Anything that can take so much is also capable  of giving great glory. Nothing worth having comes easy and rarely does anything that comes easy ever worth having. I have five trophies from the peak and I respect what they represent. They remind me of what it means to finish 16th out of the 70 or 80 bikes there this year and know that I built my bike from salvage and scrap. That I spent as little money on the whole thing as some spend in tires in a week. They remind me of what kind of people such a prestigious event brings. Getting to associate and hang out with these people is icing on the cake. I all ready am looking forward to next year. Thank you to all who support me. Without the people I choose to surround my self with I would not be the man I am.