Friday, June 29, 2012

Co-Built stars - 2011 Flattrackuk Grand National Championship ~ RD1 ...

Fucking Awesome! Track looks soooofa king fun! loose and rough...just like i like em!

Beyond My Backyard

Was a hard afternoon at the office: I put on some fresh OURY grips. Cleaned out the ol Pilot jet. Filled up the 4 gallon tank. Burned a bomba. put in my new head phones. cranked it up. Race pace gravel roads. hard smooth mag chloride. scared cagers. gravel cushion 5th gear. Dunlop K180. single track beer break. Baja 1000 memories. moments. misses. flat out.
I wouldnt trade my shoes for any others.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

90th PPIHC poospooned

Mother nature is a worthy adversary. White man should know by now.  Things are what we make em, u know!

Everybody rain dance!!!

Hope it dont cross the hiway.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pikes Peak 2011 Gopro 450 pro class Travis Newbold

Time to post this shit again. yippy ki-yi-ya mother fucker!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

PPIHC Testing. testicles. one two testies on the mic. one two.

yes that is a real mexican mechete

yes that skatboard says BEAR

yes i took picture of changing needle clip position

yes i wish i was an artistic photography instead of an autist pornographer

yes i drilled a hole through my swing arm to keep chain off tire

yes my fender mounts off center... but it still looks cool as shit!

yes it has two too many wheels but...
100 deg F. Grand Junction Moter Speedway. Forrest fire smoke. Fuck black leathers. Bead busters and spoons. cooked shinko slicks. rains melted like butter in my wok. slicks brake harder. rains drive out of a power slidess with more feel. More feel with the rains. Wonder what a quality slicks feel like... Sliding with 17s is a lot of fun.  She is near ready for the holliest of hillys.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012


who the hell

I dont always dress so fancy but I forgot my gear bag last weekend. My toes are crammed into a full fist inside that lil size10 boot. oooww! Thanks to everybody that let me poach some gear.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Up for grabs!

I hate to do it but my 79 XS is for sale.  It's fucking solid!  If anybody is looking for a fun bike let me know.  Thanks

a blessed life behind bars

thank you friends
thank you love
thank you dad
thank you mom
thank you passion
thank you dirty fingernails
thank you art
thank you beauty
thank you sun
thank you internal combustion
mother earth
father sky
old van
new shoes
lessons learned
every god damned mother fucking day is the most ultra fucking amazing gift and I will be god fucking damned if I ever take a bit of this shit for granted.
A wise man once told me everything about racing is a condradiction. it dont make sense only the not making sense makes any sense. throttle and brakes. fast is slow. slow is fast. health and death. winning and loosing. glory and defeat. it makes sense but it dont make any sense. life, death.
R.I.P. Flying Farmer
Thank you for the introduction to a legend Cowboy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Have not posted in a while. When this beauty came rolling in for an inspection I had to share.
I love me some old Honda's! 2nd owner. 21,000 miles. His dad bought it brand new then it sat out in the woods for 20 years. Cleaned her up ready to go.  Happy Fathers Day a day early to every one out there.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cycles South 1971 Motorcycle Adventure Part 1

This is GREAT!!!! I found it on Motorcycho.  Watch the whole thing on Youtube. Fucking brilliant movie!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I like to...

park my bikes inside my place of work every now and again...

Speedway dudes are tough

tougher than a two doller stake. I bet they are so tough they go to mexico just to drink the water.
Video worth watching

Testing on the Hill- jesus fuck

 Just when you think ol Molly is out of the game.... shes back again and getting flogged harder than ever! That other heap of shit bike back by the little shitbox trailer is a naughty bike. little cunt stuck another piston up on the hill on a corner named The Ragged Edge. aint bitter- coulda been worse. I didnt bring Molly along just for company, she gladly accepted some new legs and shoes and with stock motor and pump gas she was top three in sunday's practice runs all day. still had mud on her from trail riding.
 My pal Dave built this beauty for the hill this year and was still putting it together Friday night. On his first run Saterday he was coming into The Bottomless Pit (fastest spot on the track (also has a several thousand foot drop)) when he lost rear brake. He quick goat thinking and jumped a three foot deep ditch and ended up 60+feet up a steep hill. broke off both foot pegs, the brake lever and smashed the pipes. He was shaken up but fine. hillclimbing at a hillclimb. fuck.
 Life is good when at the Loneduck Campground.
The Factory Ducati Multistradas are fucking fast. Practicing with them on me little dirtbike is awe inspiring and sometimes a bit scary. Sometimes I feel like one of those spandex cyclist ridding down the middle of I-70 getting run through like I was in the middle of the convoy in smokey and the bandit. All I can do is hold me line and think how styling my race bike would look with rear view mirrors.
Only a few weeks. When I return I will have working water and oil pump ( I will tighten the counter balancer drive gear nut from now on!!!!!!!!!) But just in case Molly will ride along, hopefully just for company.    Look for more on FTW Racing Blog

Monday, June 11, 2012

On the road again

 Taking a week long hiatus to do some two wheeling and partying and whatnot all around Colorado. The first night of the journey brought me to Snowmass Village for a Gogol Bordello concert, a hot tub, and some heavy drinking. Yesterday we drove over independence pass on the way to Boulder, where the van ruptured a coolant hose and likely poisoned several dogs. sorry. Heres some documentation from the first leg of the journey.
Hot chopper girl in Leadville, CO. She wasn't very friendly, but that's what still photos are for.
Shortly after deciding not to stuff the babe and the bike into the van, primarily because it was already full, my brother gave the the opportunity to ride his R1 from Leadville to Copper Mountain. I enjoyed myself greatly on my first real street ride, despite the lack of whoops and berms, intriguing.

Next weekend brings the long awaited vintage moto race and the trial run for the elsinore. Note that I did not forget to bring a towel.

Trailer: La Sal Mountain Range Activations (what my dad does for fun)

Warning: this video contains no two wheeling.

Friday, June 8, 2012


This is what a porshe hillclimber looks like after a suspension part broke and sent the ride over the edge of the last corner of Pikes Peak. I will not even try to retell the story the driver told me as it was SOFA KING EPIC!
On the floor in my childhood basement room in my parents house.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Play'n chords

She will go up and down Pikes peak this weekend. Denver Flattrack the next. Des Moines 1/2 mile the following.

My tire budget has been all going into 17" race slicks. Poor van. Poor me. Fuck it. Party on. Any one want to help me knock over a few liquor stores. Im serious. 

I think it was Mary Chapen Carpenter that said "some people say do not tempt fate, I say dont let fate temp me."

"The road goes on forever and the party never ends" - Robert Earl Keen

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On The Speedway with Red Bull's Mikkel B. Jensen

Time for a Lone Duck weekend

Only practice weekend. Only three days away. only a weekend. But god damn am i excited!

I stole these magnificent pics from Dimitri's blog motel coste. Check out more great pics there from last year and many more great photos from the exciting fun filled life of my favorite french dude.

Parcheesi is fun but this classic is better

It even has a Pikes Peak racer on it!
Thanks for the score cowboy! you ever come out and visit we can drink whoosky playing this game then go chase red heads, ya fuck!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

damn ninja

Good times, cold beer

Went out to Denver last weekend to see my second family. No shortage of radness here.

Finally got some quality track time on orphin annie. little cunt didnt even squeek. fast as fuck.

top notch gentleman, using the term loosly. fuck your noise sensitive neighbor. fuck you bob.