Sunday, June 24, 2012

PPIHC Testing. testicles. one two testies on the mic. one two.

yes that is a real mexican mechete

yes that skatboard says BEAR

yes i took picture of changing needle clip position

yes i wish i was an artistic photography instead of an autist pornographer

yes i drilled a hole through my swing arm to keep chain off tire

yes my fender mounts off center... but it still looks cool as shit!

yes it has two too many wheels but...
100 deg F. Grand Junction Moter Speedway. Forrest fire smoke. Fuck black leathers. Bead busters and spoons. cooked shinko slicks. rains melted like butter in my wok. slicks brake harder. rains drive out of a power slidess with more feel. More feel with the rains. Wonder what a quality slicks feel like... Sliding with 17s is a lot of fun.  She is near ready for the holliest of hillys.


Paul Baleta said...

Great to see preparation is goin good. Bike looks awesome!

Anthony Brown said...

Go Brother Go!