Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Testing on the Hill- jesus fuck

 Just when you think ol Molly is out of the game.... shes back again and getting flogged harder than ever! That other heap of shit bike back by the little shitbox trailer is a naughty bike. little cunt stuck another piston up on the hill on a corner named The Ragged Edge. aint bitter- coulda been worse. I didnt bring Molly along just for company, she gladly accepted some new legs and shoes and with stock motor and pump gas she was top three in sunday's practice runs all day. still had mud on her from trail riding.
 My pal Dave built this beauty for the hill this year and was still putting it together Friday night. On his first run Saterday he was coming into The Bottomless Pit (fastest spot on the track (also has a several thousand foot drop)) when he lost rear brake. He quick goat thinking and jumped a three foot deep ditch and ended up 60+feet up a steep hill. broke off both foot pegs, the brake lever and smashed the pipes. He was shaken up but fine. hillclimbing at a hillclimb. fuck.
 Life is good when at the Loneduck Campground.
The Factory Ducati Multistradas are fucking fast. Practicing with them on me little dirtbike is awe inspiring and sometimes a bit scary. Sometimes I feel like one of those spandex cyclist ridding down the middle of I-70 getting run through like I was in the middle of the convoy in smokey and the bandit. All I can do is hold me line and think how styling my race bike would look with rear view mirrors.
Only a few weeks. When I return I will have working water and oil pump ( I will tighten the counter balancer drive gear nut from now on!!!!!!!!!) But just in case Molly will ride along, hopefully just for company.    Look for more on FTW Racing Blog


Paul Baleta said...

Great going Dood!

Coltencunico said...

Your a motorcycle LEGEND man.good work keep it on two wheels.