Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a blessed life behind bars

thank you friends
thank you love
thank you dad
thank you mom
thank you passion
thank you dirty fingernails
thank you art
thank you beauty
thank you sun
thank you internal combustion
mother earth
father sky
old van
new shoes
lessons learned
every god damned mother fucking day is the most ultra fucking amazing gift and I will be god fucking damned if I ever take a bit of this shit for granted.
A wise man once told me everything about racing is a condradiction. it dont make sense only the not making sense makes any sense. throttle and brakes. fast is slow. slow is fast. health and death. winning and loosing. glory and defeat. it makes sense but it dont make any sense. life, death.
R.I.P. Flying Farmer
Thank you for the introduction to a legend Cowboy.


650Willy said...

That was a God Damn magical ride!!! Cant wait to do another!

747 said...

Fuck'n A! Great fuckin roads bro!