Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pikes Peak 2016; Wrenching not racing

So there I was, sitting in the exact same spot that I had last seen Hot Carl alive one year prior. Instead of strapping on my helmet and gloves this year, I was checking tire pressure and taking the tire warmers off of a Ducati Multistrada that I had spent the last six weeks prepping for Paul Baleta with the Speed Therapy blog. As I watched him take off on the same upper practice section that last year had ended Carl's life. I could not help but feel some cold rocks in my gut. A few minutes after he left my sight the red flag came out. I kept my cool but on the inside I was burning metal on metal. Oscar, our Pirelli guy finally walked away from the marshal and then straight to me. His face was as sharp and cold as angle iron. "It's Baleta" he said, "He has gone off".  I kept composure but on the inside my pistons were siezing and I could feel a big end rod bearing start to knock. All the possible bolts I could have left loose danced in my brain. I waited more. Watching all the other mechanics watch me. Watching Jim, the director who scolded me for even showing up as crew after my banishment. I could feel eyes from all directions on me as I waited. And then there appeared my rider on the back of a sweep riders bike, safe and sound.   Racing is not for the faint of heart. Outcome: No crash: Good. Snapped crankshaft: Bad. We sourced a replacement engine. Imperial was on the ball about getting it done and making magic happen. In the mean time we dusted off my ol 450 2012 winning record setter junk yard beauty and gave paul his first experience on a supermoto for the Ws practice day. He was setting times faster than all but two of the other supermotos. The new engine back in the Big Red Duck ran good for Paul on his second day practicing the upper section. It was Thursday. And again it was very hard to not dwell on what gone down last year on Thursday practice near the summit. With out loss it is hard to appreciate gain. The smile on Paul's face, the new and welcome camaraderie, and the whole experience of racing on Pikes Peak kept me positive and some how an understanding of why I value my lifestyle more than any other I could imagine. Friday's qualifying/ bottom section of practice went well. It was a bit frustrating to see the lack of runs the riders were allowed but again, just seeing how much fun Paul, as a rookie was having more than made up for any bitter feelings I had towards the race and put things into perspective. Paul raced to a respectable 11:21 earning himself 4th in the Heavy Weight class. As soon as I watched his transponder cross the finish line I jumped on my borrowed street bike and booked it off the mountain. I really don't know if I will ever be back. If only I could find another patch of race track that pulls on my throttle cable so and affords my wallet... I reckon the future is what we make it to be. Thanks Paul, It was a huge honor to put together and prep your bike and a lot of fun being on the race week crew!!

Monday, June 13, 2016


Happiness is new knobbies
Fresh socks
My favorite pasta
A unsuspecting band that rocks
Traveling the land in a van
Making a stand caus you can
My dogs kisses
Welding metal that hisses
Cold beer soft hugs
Staying out of jail and off the hard drugs
Holeshots skid marks high fives
Just simply being alive.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

It is what you make it

Life is and will only ever be just what we make it out to be. Nobody or no thing can change our perception of any bit of it except our selfs. No matter what shit gets shoveled in our face, no matter what hand we get dealt; It becomes what we make of it. That said, from I, a privileged farm raised white boy with a life I wouldn't trade for another. Yeah, I still have the use of my legs, I have a some what functioning brain, and I can go to the bathroom with out any assistance. I have an assortment of motorcycles to ride and I work for no one but my self. I have a best friend that is a joy to be around and I married her. Life is pretty fucking peachy at the moment. Yes, I am lucky. But it is not luck that has got me where I am . I do not believe in fate or a destiny created by any other than myself. I was given opportunity that some do not get but what I have and where I am is a direct result of choices I have made. I am perhaps ego driven but I do not think of myself as an ego maniac or narcissistic or full of myself. I may think and ponder my inner workings more than most but I am a mechanic. I fix what is broke. I build race bikes that can win. I take what is not working so well and make it work to it's potential. I believe that as a person I must take control of handle bars and pilot this craft or body through this life. If I want to be a good person than I surround myself with only good people. If I want to be smarter than I do not hang out with mindless blobs. If I wish to ride faster than I ride with fast fuckers. When I need inspiration I am thankful to have friends that provide. It is not easy. Far fucking from it, but it is a conscious decision. A way of life devoted to quality. A motto to peg the fun meter... every single fucking day. Peace.