Thursday, June 2, 2016

It is what you make it

Life is and will only ever be just what we make it out to be. Nobody or no thing can change our perception of any bit of it except our selfs. No matter what shit gets shoveled in our face, no matter what hand we get dealt; It becomes what we make of it. That said, from I, a privileged farm raised white boy with a life I wouldn't trade for another. Yeah, I still have the use of my legs, I have a some what functioning brain, and I can go to the bathroom with out any assistance. I have an assortment of motorcycles to ride and I work for no one but my self. I have a best friend that is a joy to be around and I married her. Life is pretty fucking peachy at the moment. Yes, I am lucky. But it is not luck that has got me where I am . I do not believe in fate or a destiny created by any other than myself. I was given opportunity that some do not get but what I have and where I am is a direct result of choices I have made. I am perhaps ego driven but I do not think of myself as an ego maniac or narcissistic or full of myself. I may think and ponder my inner workings more than most but I am a mechanic. I fix what is broke. I build race bikes that can win. I take what is not working so well and make it work to it's potential. I believe that as a person I must take control of handle bars and pilot this craft or body through this life. If I want to be a good person than I surround myself with only good people. If I want to be smarter than I do not hang out with mindless blobs. If I wish to ride faster than I ride with fast fuckers. When I need inspiration I am thankful to have friends that provide. It is not easy. Far fucking from it, but it is a conscious decision. A way of life devoted to quality. A motto to peg the fun meter... every single fucking day. Peace.


stevegayton said...

Absolutely inspirational. I've been living in my head too much recently and your words have opened a chink of light in my dark place. Thank you.

Paul said...

Amen :-)