Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Travis Havasu 08

Check out the pit tootsies on the hill.   ......always did all right with the ladies at the Lake Havasue WORCS. an old girlfriend took this video at the end of the two hour race that i thought i smashed my johnson on my GPR stabalizer on the first lap. I remember pulling into the pits on the first lap feeling pain so bad i felt like blacking out. i jumped off my bike and dropped trou in front of all to see expecting to see squished grape salad. was fine and dandy.......Gary fuck'n Jones of all people slapped me on the back and sent me back out with a smile.  Lucky the  girl friend was on hand for   first aid after the race....... with a van u can......kinda miss that girl...

More pics from the salt

 My pal Joe the myth, the man, the legend, Blackwell.
 wake up to rain and like jesus my van walks on water
 I thought for shur this dude had me beat on budget...nope. more scrillas and class than i though.
pea shooter

dont let your children in vans

free candy. creepy. but the porn cards on the roof are class.

pro class start, angel fire 2010

I all ready posted pics of this holesheeeeeeoot in june but found this video, not the best quality but the feeling of being out front going up that hill was the best. led the first lap putting in a 13:58, hottest lap of the race.  lap two i surfed some rocks on my belly (wrong way to descend a double black diamond ski run). gutted a 3rd. best race of the WEBE series. Congrats to Mick dundy for getin 6th overall for the year from the A class. Damn Ninja!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The last baja.....tragedy.

Damn a three year old lg chocolate takes some swell cell phone pics. this was my first garage when i moved to the montrose. and the last bike i built to race the baja 1000 on. things went wrong in 2007, way wrong to say the least. but thats a whole nuther story all together now. after all painfull bloody fuckin hell i went through with this bike it still gives me a boner.  tail up in the air. fuckin whore. looks good.

My Pops.

At my age. had him self a tricked custom packed for a travel. Forever Two Wheels

Yonking pics the classy way

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tails of a cheap racer

Last month i drove 18hrs deep into the heart of texas for the second to last race in the Rocky Mountian enduro Circuit. I had a chance at the year end over all until ten minutes into the super delicious, wet sandy, twisting single track my masterlink broke. The same thing happened at the last round of the WEBE series were again i was in contention for the overall had I finished well, not dnf only because i was to cheap to buy a new chain. Out of all this broken hearted rubbish i did find a good point: a bit of saftey wire will get you out of the brush and a bad day racin is still way better than any fuckin thing else. amen.

Monday, December 27, 2010

project kill my self

Road racing. something new. Racing Pikes Peak got me thinking that road racing has a lot of potential for fun. I may never race the Isle of Man but a dream is a dream and when i dreamed of racing the baja 1000, Pikes Peak, Bonneville, and all the other shit i have done it is amazing what can be accomplished if you put your head to it. as Ricky Bobby once said: "I wanna go fast!, I wanna go fast!, I wanna go fast!!
so far my cheap ass has about 600$ invested with this 98 gsxr so if it turns into a Guy Martin fire ball.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My number plate montage. ...Its gona take a montage!

 whooped out racing

 coolest shit i ever raced
 2006 worcs 250B Champoinship. national bitches.
 808 -R.I.P.

Its gonna take a montage.....MONTAGE!  fuck yeah.

Damn good sticker.

old whiskey and old dirt bikers....on lunch boxes

One of the old timers at my work that gave up drinkin and was cleanin house gave me this old cat fish full of near 40 year olld jim beam. all i got  to do is break the seal. ...merry christmas!
Cheers to Rick Johnson and Bob Hannah!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rookie crash

Thats Davey Durelle showing me how to not run over the rookie who sighned up in the pro class. your's truly.

Ace the super pilot

while stumbling through the college campus one morning we found a little white mouse doing left hand circles on the side walk. Ace Lefty was his name and a super ace test/ fighter/ kamakazi pilot was his destiny. we built him a condo and had many good times together watching him constantly do left hand cirlces. I took him up for his fist flight in my rather shabby scary as fuck hand me down trojan kamakazi fighter. after my "any landing you walk away from is a good landing" it was clear to see that ace was the new chuck yeager. My buddy Ian has some super fast planes and wicked r/c skill that saw Ace take many a succesfull mission enduring extreme stunts and G forces. sadly one day a stray cat found its way into Ace's condo and the details are not known but I would like to think that Ace went down with GLORY.


Saturday, December 18, 2010



Pastrana on four wheels

I took this video on cow creek out side steamboat springs, my home. i worked the rally race for the last four or five years as a volunteer and even got to ride in some cars. even got to be in a crash. it aint two wheel fun but its purdy cool.

Incense and peppermint

Willy's ol kz. that thing was a sick little cycle. cant wait to see Willy's new project when its done.....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Indoor winter nationals rnd #1. (miserable Missouri)

Thnks Danielle Russell for the pics i stole who ever you are.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny shit in the van

Pit party in the van outside the vegas supercross 2009. goood fuckin times!

a proper pillow

On the way home from racing the baja 1000 in 2006 in the back of the camper. too much tecate and tequila makes pj1 airfilter oil a perfect pillow. ha ha donuts and an atlas.....goood fuckin times!

Monday, December 13, 2010

last weekend's cross training

Ever since i was a little kid i would use bicycles to imulate dirt bikes and in its own exacting delicate art form pedal bikes have skilled me on motor bikes. after being off my 20 incher for the better part of five years i butterd this eight pack twice with out bailing or crashing once. felt good. The ever popular on this blog Mick demonstates proper style at all times. kid even has WOR patched on his trousers. Whooped-Out-Racing. mighty styling. check the colorado tat.

any ideas

These two ol ladys are just sitting in my back yard. waiting for an idea of what to do with them. the can am is 79 400 or something and the bsa is ...? i have no clue. does anybody have any good ideas with what to do with either of these purdy ol gals?

a proper catch can

project 69 honda

old friend

I bought this thing with my tax return money as a investment/experiment two summers ago. For that one summer i took some rad trips and attempted to grind off the foot pegs. at the end of the summer i sold it to a old free mason for a parade bike. he was very bummed when he relized my graphics were rather permanent. that big ol pig was fun. anything with two wheels has potential.
check the dancing stripper girl on the antenna. yeaaaah!

Friday, December 10, 2010