Monday, December 27, 2010

project kill my self

Road racing. something new. Racing Pikes Peak got me thinking that road racing has a lot of potential for fun. I may never race the Isle of Man but a dream is a dream and when i dreamed of racing the baja 1000, Pikes Peak, Bonneville, and all the other shit i have done it is amazing what can be accomplished if you put your head to it. as Ricky Bobby once said: "I wanna go fast!, I wanna go fast!, I wanna go fast!!
so far my cheap ass has about 600$ invested with this 98 gsxr so if it turns into a Guy Martin fire ball.....

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Paul Baleta said...

True. True. When I first started riding bikes (only 10 years ago...), racing on the Isle of Man just seemed too unrealistic to even even be a dream. But I wanted to do it.
2010 was my fourth trip to race on those hallowed roads. Racing there has shown me that if one puts ones mind to it... a way will be found.
Baja 1000, Pikes Peak and Bonneville are all in the dream pipeline... a way will be found!
Loving the blog. Good luck dood! I hope to see you on the IOM soon!