Monday, September 29, 2014

It's been a big, long, and hard summer....

 Mango made a new "friend"
 i got a new, sexy, red headed pile of debt
 we designed a drop in ramp
 and built it later
 then made speculations as the the potential outcomes of the idea
 got some fresh dubs for my g ride
a tattoo that doesn't look like it came from a CD player motor attached to a guitar string

and to cap it all off, a new truck windshield

Friday, September 26, 2014

Team Honda XR650R going to the mall later?

Welsh it. Well shit. The Oklahoma Gold Rush Grand Prix is on my to do list next month! After many years, some tears, a few beers I look to finally be able to make it this year. Lord Mick Hath shredded thy gnar before and got me on the hay ride to hell with a three man XR650AAARRRGH as in capital "R" team. Two days of 3 hr iron man, Vintage hairscramble, SX, Night Race, Team race, 3hr GP, and supermoto! Seriously more classes than Michael J. Fox could shake a stick at. ...Yeah; I know...
Read about Muke's conquist HERE

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's here! What the Fuck!

She knew I went racing when I met her! She knew I was Gypsy fuck and may load a bike hook up to the camper and take off any time! But now thatI. Bought a new racing bike and am talking about putting on the leathers again! Oh my! Lions and tigers and Bears Oh My! Lions And Tigers and Bears! You go racing all the time! I never see you anymore you been gone all summer!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Farm boy engineering

Chopped out 3" from the linkage. Did my first bit of TIG welding to put the link back together. Its not pretty but as they say in court: penetration is penetration. I think. Will it work? Dont know! Reckon I just have to put the Big ass XS together and bomb though some unsuspecting whoop section... either it will or it wont...
  UPDATE: Fail; suspension would not compress but a few inches because of the angle of the linkage fedangle. Math was the first class i dropped out of. Figured this was not going to be easy. Even more painful is the metal lodged into my eyeball preventing me from sleeping. As soon as i get out of what ever hell the doctors put me through to extract this weld slag that is painfully penetrating (penetration is penetration) my pupil, I shall go purchase some real safety glasses and some real drafting paper so I can figure out this fuckingodamnsumbitch linkage. Never give up. Tough get going- the tough get going. Gonna be dumb, gotta be tough. Feels to be a long sleepless night. Maybe my medicating will lead to another post. I could ramble on and on about how table tennis or tiddly winks would have been a much more pleasurable hobby than crazy ass fucking motorbikes. ...positive vibration to follow :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Bike

Got anew Flat Tracker! Campaigned I. The 70s in the KC area! Don't know nothing about it besides it is fast as the Diablo! And purdy! Thank you Jesus! And witch one of you Limes want to ride it a Dirt Quake next year! First come first serve!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MOTO's not dead

In the beginning I raced motocross. Fuck mondays. I am going to the motocross track. Gone riding. Sorry. Come back another time. The clutch finger lies dormant on the oval. The right hand wrist motion is a constant. Addition. Solved equation. Time away from knobbies. Festering roost within erupts like old fuckin faithfull.
Ride to love - Love to ride Photos by Wallace. Dank.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The next adventure

Friends are great. What would we do with out them? I love coming up with shit on my own and doing things on my own, sure, but isn't it great when a friend comes along and lights a fire under your ass and gets you on board with one of life's excellent adventures. Co-built Geoff told me he was picking up some old british twin in L.A. so he figured he mind as well ride the L.A-Barstow to Vegas on it and the fire was lit. I figured why do the ride with him on my trusty XR650 when my neighbor just gave me an xs650 with a shot big end bearing that didnt know what to do with.... except chop off everything he had done to it.And do something with the swing arm. Hmmm, enter a 1994 YZ125 chassis that another neighbor donated. I may be a bit over the top but where there is a will, there is a way. Flame wrench + buzz box = mono shock swing arm... hopefully.
With all the XS bones I have around I have the engine sorted. I grinded, shimmed, hammered, and sexed a xr500 front end on and of course it all started with the correct fuel tank.