Tuesday, October 26, 2010


just plain masterpiece here. should have grabbed that sheep eh....

Congrats my wierd beard buddy from out east. fuck yeah

Con-fuckin-gradulations on your baby girl Nate! since you are one of maybe two or three people that might actualy see my blog i am glad to salute you and your journey into father hood. you now have a spawn, congrats buddy. braaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwp!

Project poverty hardtail.

Painting the primer. part mary jane smoke, part paint fumes and part big smokey burnout from the flat track xs project. i got so high in the shop i found my self rolling around my back yard laughing like a school girl on her first trip. now i know why kids huff paint. fucking awesome. what the fuck was i just saying? aw fuck my head!

Step 1: chop and destroy. 20$ sawzall+free motorcycle= priceless glory.


i took a good soil sample this day. it was very silty. good for bloody dirt boogers. 50s are a shur way to impress the ladys just make shur you never wear a helmet, specialy a full face. fuck that pussy shit!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

june 26 2011 !!!!!!!

pikes peak int. hill climb has a date for next year. i have a reason to live till then. its on. gonna be funner that drunk monkeys. oh hell mutha fuckin yeah. braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwp!

Two stroke power!!

more bikes from the salt flats.