Monday, June 11, 2012

On the road again

 Taking a week long hiatus to do some two wheeling and partying and whatnot all around Colorado. The first night of the journey brought me to Snowmass Village for a Gogol Bordello concert, a hot tub, and some heavy drinking. Yesterday we drove over independence pass on the way to Boulder, where the van ruptured a coolant hose and likely poisoned several dogs. sorry. Heres some documentation from the first leg of the journey.
Hot chopper girl in Leadville, CO. She wasn't very friendly, but that's what still photos are for.
Shortly after deciding not to stuff the babe and the bike into the van, primarily because it was already full, my brother gave the the opportunity to ride his R1 from Leadville to Copper Mountain. I enjoyed myself greatly on my first real street ride, despite the lack of whoops and berms, intriguing.

Next weekend brings the long awaited vintage moto race and the trial run for the elsinore. Note that I did not forget to bring a towel.

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747 said...

I am glad you rememberd to bring a towel but you forgot to clean the house before you left. I am going to jack up your rent you god damn fuck knuckle!