Monday, July 21, 2014

Hill climb. Colorado style.

The Colorado Hill Climb Association has been racing up dirt mountain roads since the early 70's. The events are like little mini pikes peak races with how pikes peak used to be when it was dirt. This is the first year the association decided to let motorcycles race. This was my first one I made. Fun. Fast. Narrow. Forrest. Cliffs. Fast. Rough. And Fast. The start straight was long, 5th gear pinned for a long time. On my last run on Sunday I nearly binned it. I did not get a good brake entry into the first corner. I don't know what happened. Too late on the brakes or not enough lever or perhaps the freshly torn up softball sized rocks in my line prevented the traction I had hoped for. I scoped the out side ditch on the way down on an earlier run and noted that total disaster may be avoidable if the throttle was wide and luck kept me from plowing into the bowling ball patch of an embankment.  That is why I have roots in off road racing. The rest of the 2.5 mile course consisted of two 10' wide, 5th gear twisting cliff side  sections in the middle of 6 major corners, which were wide and loose with rocks of all sizes.
My runs were consistent and I beat all the other bikes and all but about 5 of the Open class cars. Some serious cool horsepower is put into hill climbing. It is nice to know a stock dirt bike with a piston, cam, head work can go faster than a jizgilion dollars. Only a few hill climbs a year but I am stoked.


TMK said...

So cool man. Looks just like terrain and style of the NASA Rally Moto series. Get a Go-Pro and post up some vids would ya?

andyrotax said...

Congrats dude, you da man!!

Paul Baleta said...

Awesome job Dood!!