Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A blog post of intergalactic farting

So here is my random picture of shit in the shop.

Ok, so tonight the rambling rant of posting on the blog is a topic of boring fucking blogdom blah blah blah.  Does anyone still look at this or has everyone jumped on istagram? What is next? the hayride to hell? Im their. Fuck it. Just blow up the picture and see how long it takes to count ten really cool or totally bizarre things. Enjoy it cause it is full screen and remember what telephones were invented for; prank calling the pizza shop. Peace.
P.s. see you on instagram tomorrow and if you dont have instagram get it and follow me so I can follow you and like pictures you like and pictures you like that somebody else likes that we all like, yay! lets just try and keep it two wheeled or cool shoes related. Much.


Ryan said...

Top ten things I spotted in the picture:

1) Alfredo Garcia's head
2) Travis's "Hello Kitty"coffee mug
3) Jimmy Hoffa
4) Noah's Ark
5) The Ark of the Covenant
6) Silver Chalice
7) Shroud of Turin
8) A hardback copy of "Lucas Electrical Systems for Dummies"
9) A nuclear reactor and 200 spent Uranium rods
10) WALDO!

747 said...

I cant believe you found Waldo! Very impressive!

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