Wednesday, March 28, 2012

time capsule project bike

Ive had a 83 Husky 250, 89 rm250, 99 yz 250, 01 ktm 250, countless crf450 and now my first full size real life kawi 250  

I can remember trading these stickers like baseball cards with my bro back in the day

Brand new graphics and seat cover from back in the day..... or metal tank and flattrack seat? hmm...

under that grim is a gold Talon hub
No I dont need another project bike! but when they are free whats a fellow to do? This is bike number 24 on my urban bike farm... I think. it is also plated number 24. It belonged to my best buddy growing up and fucking hell did we shred some dirt together. Later we started a punk band and consequently this 1993 kx250 has sat needing some work since. I was thinking of a flattrack race bike that i can let friends borrow, then I saw how unmolested my ol buddy's bike looked and I think it would make a sweet period correct Jeff Ward replica. Maybe a compromise between the two and I build an ABC wide world of sports Superbike!!!!!!!!!

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