Friday, November 30, 2012

2 Stroker fever

With two RD350 potential racer projects sitting in my garage I am finding it hard to concentrate on being my own boss, but how esle am I to pay for such projects than making money with other peoples projects that pay my bills that build my projects that saturate my thoughts and dreams like a freddy kruger nightmare 24/7. And of course pay my medical bills. I better brake it down and prioritize my expenses on a spread sheet like business man bill before the Pikes Peak entry deadline comes and goes. Speaking of which- allow me to vent on how pissed I am that the Pikes Peak hill climb entry has nearly doubled. I wrote them a ticked email and because of my language (what the FUCK?) they threatened to bar me from competition and the thought it best for me to not be the spokesperson for my group. Well who the fuck is going to speak up then when they increase entry from $400 to $700 and practice days from $200 a day to $350 a day. And what does this extra cost bring? - nothing! in fact they dropped the vintage class, dropped the 750 class and made the rule book so confusing that I cant even figure out what the fuck I could race in a senior class to my 450 class. Well fuck em! If I have to come up with $1400 dollars to race with a weekend of practice I will make it happen and even if I cant swing enough for the practice you better bet your beef that I will put my junk yard monster honda on the fucking podium once again! Any hoo... how about them 350s, lets race em!


Anonymous said...

Ohg Yea it's gonna happen! Tommy's Triumph Shop and Diamond Auto got money on the way and a bike for you to sell for more! Cosmicowboy!

747 said...

fuck you are awesome! Much Love!

Blogger said...

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