Thursday, November 8, 2012


 The ballad of the Elsinore was shortlived, as the welds attaching the exhaust pipe mount broke free on lap one, causing a top end failure within minutes. That lap was glorious however, dicing through dozens of C riders on modern bikes who began on the line ahead of me, and somehow outlasting Guy Cooper, who must've had worse luck on his bultaco.
 The pit bike race was most excellent, and though i finished just off of the podium, my sparkly helmet and alcohol induced boner-airs were enough to win the "style award" and a photo with 4 artificial breasts attached to 2 real life chicks.

 I drew the lucky number one for the main event on sunday, and after a 2nd place start and decent lap 1, a fellow racer and i had an unfortunate convergence of race lines causing a violent 5th gear tumble. the other dude had some kind of leg injury and i got the pleasure of learning how its feels to become a ktm 350's bottom bitch. a kind onlooker wrestled the bike off of me and i went on my merry way aboard a twisted, yet fully functioning Brandy. The overall results have yet to be posted but according to my calculations, the effort landed me right around 10th.


Anthony Brown said...

You promised nude photo's this blog is starting to feel like a let down!

747 said...

your in the middle of an oklahoma chicky babe sandwich and you beat Guy Cooper! ...well played good sir, well played.
Yeah were are the fucking nude pictures, god damn it? pink to purple!!!

747 said...

I want to see what the inside of that elsinor look like. Im talkin sick nasty nude shots!!!

747 said...

After watching your video of you flogging the piss out of that poor old honda and further inspecting your death grip on the floosy with a more than scary smile on your face I must say again.. very well played good sir.

mcnasty_W.O.R_rider said...

All of the nude photos were only of me. the chicks left after they saw the look on my face. i was without my van for the weekend so i made up for it by acting as creepy as possible.