Monday, May 12, 2014

Cherry popping, beans, and spam.

Did the first race on the SV after a busy week of prepping it and did my first short course road race, or street bike race, or what ever the hell it is called when you race a bike with clip ons on a tarmac race track. It was a fucking shit ton of fun! Despite the high cost of this form of racing I plan on doing a few more of these this year if all systems permit. I think the SV will be a great bike on Pikes Peak next year. I actually wish I was racing it this year but 450 class it is and 450 class I shall concur! The race was at High Plains Raceway about one hour east of my pad. The place is super fun. I want to go back soon!

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Paul Baleta said...

Awesome! Great to see you've got the bike together. Congratulations on your first short circuit road race too!