Monday, August 6, 2012

It's the final countdownd! da da da da daaa

Ok so I could have left today. The van is packed, the little shit box trailer is too and I even hitched it, even checked tire psi and engine goo level. but Tech is only five hours away and it runs all day tomorrow so I mind as well try to get one more night of sleep in my home, get up early, fill a mug of scalding herbal tea to succumb my nervousness and hope to the god i dont believe in that the ol 350 under my van hood gets me their tomorrow. In the trailer is my race stead, In the van is; a wool blanket, box of main jets, smoking generator for newly purchased tire warmers, some beer, and my hardtail so I have proper transportation to fanfest and yes i am as dumb to want to ride the no brake having piece of death trap up and down the hill in my spare time to get the feeling of what its like to be going to fast with out breaking speed limits. Paul D, another loneducker stopped by yesterday to haul my red headed back-up dirt bike 'Molly'. That way I could have room in my van xs flattracker....ok, so they rescheduled the race to the clouds on the same week as the Kansas 1/2 mile county fair circuit and if I am still alive after sunday I will drive to Stockton KS for the final two nights of half mile proper old school hot shoe sparking, slideways, pbr drinking horse fly biting my bare chest fun. Over ambitious I may be but so was every other crazy fuck that made a name racing bikes. Who the hell is to say? I just am going to do the best to keep the hell fire breathing motor i built from grenading on the climb and keep the low red headed 'orphan Annie the king of the hill' on the road. bit wound up I am. Ready to be making my foot pegs make jingle bell noises and the howl of skidding rubber. MUCH!  


Anthony Brown said...

Get on with riding or get on with dieing!

Anonymous said...


Paul Baleta said...

Have a good one dood! Give it sum beans and go fast!