Wednesday, August 8, 2012

practice day 1

To fucking lazy to do anything with pictures and they would not do justice to what i have seen today anyway. bike ran sofa king good today. only problem is that it is making so much power i cant find enough gear in 5th. awesome! usually at this elevation 5th gear starts to feel like jacking off with half hard elmers glue. or one of those dreams where you just cant seem to move quick enough to do anything other than yell. any hoo. Annie is pulling harder than those viking dudes on worlds strongest man competition. shinko tires are my weakest link, so I am going to dress up like tinny tim and beg the big dogs for some take off tires that are worth a shit. today was middle couse practice, 'the double yous' "w's" or double U's or better yet- The W's. like a hairpin fiesta of switchback extravaganza that brings you form Cove creek to Devel's Playground. if you were one of those crazy fucks in a flying squirel suit you could do it backwards and have the same amount of thrill i supose. Tomorrow is the top section so I am going to go find a smaller rear sprocket and see what this motor can do at 14,110 ft. Peace. Much.

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