Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two wheeling gypsy

.......Or the gang bang.

Life on the road. Life in a van. Life behind bars. Life in Colorado. Racing is life. Bumper stickers and trophies. Morning after Pikes Peak I left my set up at the lone duck campground and headed east with only my twin flattrack bike. practice started at 2pm and I pulled into the pits at 1:58pm. Kansas is great cause it smells like manure and that makes me think of home. Cosmic Cowboy helped with entry fees and bought me a rear tire with money that was less real than money people think is real any way. For that I can not thank Tommy's Triumph Shop enough. You are a true friend, you crazy fuck. I am sorry that a tree fell and butt raped your camper. mother nature can be a mean cunt. any hoo, the racing was great in Kansas. I love half miles and so does my home brew Yamaha twin. got a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd.  I stopped by the lone duck on my way home and picked up the remains of the prior week conquering the holiest of hills (my win on the mountain has still not set in) Got the van home after 8 days on the road and had enough time to clean my ass, change the van oil and head back out to Denver for some more friends and flattrack racing, more wins, more trophies and my life is rad. Supermoto out in Denver this weekend....

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