Friday, August 10, 2012

PPIHC practice day 3/ qualifying

What do Sideburn readers haul their bike in? Fuckin bitchin ass vans dude! Thanks to Gary for telling this cool fellow to find me. So many good friends made from the worlds finist go fast turn left publication.

POLE POSITION!!!?!! almost, this was the second to last run and on the last run I took off my boots and thought to save my bike, tires, and all. Ended up getting edged out by less than a tenth of a second! amazing, I never figured my home brew bike could throw down with some of the trick shit in myclass. my class (450) has more than twice as many entrants as the other classes. I purdy stoked on how I did this mornin. fuck yeah.

This is Joe. the myth, the man, the legend. Joe.

This is Joe's bike. It went off at Ski area this mornin and hit a boulder. Joe hit another boulder. He says it aint nothing big. Old guys rule!


geoff said...

F**K yeah good buddy.
Great going, keep it up!

Paul Baleta said...

Whoooo-hooo! Wicked one dood!