Monday, April 23, 2012

Tommy's Triumph Shop

So much stuff of interest at Tommy's Triumph Shop. Next time I go  I need to take off a few months of work.

Every porch needs a centerfold 

Trophy bike



How every living room should be

The presidential sweet. sweeeeet!

dog dog


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah come back for a month bring Willie His Sister and anyone else who wants to ride some triumphs! Cowboy!

Anonymous said...

Hey got a new skate the other day with black Kryptos and 4 1\2 in independece trucks just need a pretty board now! Cosmicowboy!

747 said...

I got a thick laminated long woody for ya! ...long board that is!

Anonymous said...


650Willy said...

Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Only if you bring your Sister Willy! Cosmicowboy!

650Willy said...

Haha...yeah right