Tuesday, April 10, 2012

playing with toys

I cant stand people who are constantly saying how old they are. I am bad about this myself. things hurt though. In the first test of the weekend before last's RMEC enduro I was making blind passes through the dust when i hit, dead on, an igloo ice chest sized chunk of granit. right there in the middle of the rockless desert. I did what any experienced bike racer knows to do when going over the bars at speed; tense up, attempt saving it, abort save, relax, go limp, tuck, and roll with it. I amazingly, was fine. My foot peg was only held on by what was left of it's cotter pin.I am glad i did not land on what the bike did. I finished the test, used a large hammer and a stolen (borrowed) foot peg to fix in a transfer section and not only finished the enduro but finished with in a few minutes of the 1st and 2nd place, they are young ISDE and WEC racers. I am old and my wrists hurt so bad i can hardley grip a screw driver for the last two weeks. change and aging is inevitable. how we deal with it is what determines our capabilities. It has been said many times- 'your only as old as you feel.' sometimes I feel purdy old. playing with little toys and giggling like a child is a good remedy.  But if you let your self live your whole life in a toy car fantasy land then you mind as well be collecting social security all ready. So what do i do about my wrists hurting so bad?- I play with toys, ride bicycles and pray to the gods of moto that i dont let my self get any older.


Mitch Gallagher said...

Amen brother! I been hearing my whole life,"when are you gonna grow up?". Well I'm 45 and I'm still racing and rock'n and roll'in and I won't stop until my body craps out! Life is to short man, get it while you can.

Paul Baleta said...

Gotta keep doing the things that keep us young in the heart and mind if not the body... play with toys and go racing!
Bloody well done on finishing so strong in the enduro dood! Hope your body repairs itself soon!