Tuesday, April 3, 2012

cagers i left behind

This bad bitch had 4" pipes out the headers, RV camshaft, three transmisssions, countless donuts, one roll over.  so many gumball machines, years of fun.

76 3/4 ton chevy. My first. both these cock suckers ran when I parked em years ago.

Bought for $600 and put my bike in the back seat in order to make the whole WORCS seires. lot of miles, a few ladies, and one WORCS championship. 360k on the clock when my lil sister finally put a hole in the bottom of the engine. good buy oil. r.i.p.

56 willys. belonged to my pops. All it needs is an engine! anyone?


650Willy said...

Pull all of the drivetrain out of that pickup...motor, trans/transfercase and axles. Would be fucking perfect under that Jeep!

Paul Baleta said...

Beemer E30s rock!