Monday, April 30, 2012

back to the bench eh

Buttoning up the "dumpster baby" for it's first ride meant a lot of late nights last week. every night. the last 10% of a bike build takes 90% of the build. late nights indeed. took to the shifter cart track early saterday morning. Squeeked tighter than a nuns cunt on lap 4. locked up like a lean chainsaw pop corn fart. kept it up right even though she was deep in 5th down the straight on cold ass fucking shit sickle soap bar tires. I never rejetted the X carb. a fucking task i do every location i ride. a two fucking minute job. why after an ultra sonic bath and flat slide spa treatment lube, love, and full service did i not rejet. why did i forget to brush my teeth yesterday. why ask why. learning is a good way to become better, greater, even smarter. 4 corner heat seizure on a brand new 14:1 billet chunk of aluminum is a small price for such knowledge. damn fine to squeek her here and not on the hill coming into the bottomless pit.

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Paul Baleta said...

Shite! Sorry she squeeked dood :-(