Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spike shreds

Five years ago i met Eric (spike) Rhoten at a WORCS race. I was three weeks away from moving to vegas for a job at a motorcycle accessory shop and he talked me into staying in coloRADo and moving to his home town of montrose and he set me up with a job at the local dealership. since then i have done a lot of chasing his dust and his ability to shred lightning quick through any terrain is always amazing. Last week he won the night race at the AMA Enduro cross in vegas for the second time. He has had Enduro X national number 4 and also worn the WORCS pro number 8. so its purdy cool to see his Team WOR stickers on his hand guards. Next week is his last week at the dealership i work at so work will suck even more. Happy trails Spike! buuuuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

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747 said...

oh yeah, and he was the only bike that they couldnt fit a headlight on. everybody else had head light and helmet lights.