Sunday, November 13, 2011

new project

I scored this dismemberd remains heap of a 05crf450x for zip, zero, nadda. The plan is to build a flat tracker/ Pikes peak racer so i dont have to keep giving my confussed dirt bike a sex change every time i want to go slide some corners on my low rider, high compression set up. it will be like having more than one pair of under ware home slice. 

scored these flat spotted aluminum mags out of the trash bin. The 2012  Pikes Peak 450 class will be combined with the supermoto class now and since it is all tarmac now i might as well try and stuff these 17s up in my stead and rip the pavement up like a mad beaver in a tree farm. gona have to chop and weld in some crazy adapters. might be futile thrifty effort of fail but i gotta try.  any one know if a 4'' rim will fit in the swing swangin swinging arm of a crf?

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Paul Baleta said...

Looks like a great project!