Saturday, November 5, 2011

I want to start this post by giving some background on the shop I work at. It is a shop that has been around since the 60's. Its called Bettencourts. Over the years they have sold all kinds of bike. BSA, Triumph, Cz, Bultaco, Kawasaki's, Honda, Suzuki, Kymco, Leaman trikes. We currently sell Honda, Suzuki, Kymco, and Leaman. We are actually the oldest Suzuki dealer in the U.S.A. As of this year that is.We also sell the most Suzuki's in the north east.
Well winter is coming so the days are getting slow. That means time to get out old bikes and make them pretty. Since we have been around along time we have some cool old bikes. Not to mention my old boss (who passed away 2 years ago) like cool old bikes. He also sponsored some racers (Kenny Coolbeth, Jo Jo Keller, Tony Lorusso just to name a few). Well these are some pics of bikes I got to put my mitts on this week.

First this sweet 1973 Cz two smoker.
Then we took out Jo Jo Kellers local championship winning Cr 125, He ran a 23 inch front tire on this bad girl. This is the bike that got him the Support from factory Honda.

It even has a personal note to Dave B.
Then once those were ready for the celling we pulled out a sweet 250 Elsinore.
Between all of us still at the shop we could not remember who 60E was. This thing was so cherry it still had the leather lever covers on both the clutch and break levers.
Then the last bike to get pulled out of the moldy container out back and my personal favorite. ( I have a thing for minis) A sweet 1962 Z50 Christmas special. This bike is art in my eyes.
Well that's it from me. Sorry for the long post just had to show off these jems. Man I love motor bikes!!!


747 said...

Fucking awesome buddy! Thanks for sharing. totally rad as all fuckin hell. thats some cool stuff to have kickin around the shop. do you guys need a mechanic? im their!

747 said...

God damn them some boner inspiring hondas!

NatE said...

They just laid off 2 techs. In the spring they will re-hire. I wish you could come wrench here.

mcnasty_W.O.R_rider said...

wanna trade elsinore 250's? that one looks like it needs some hard core hours put on it. and mine needs some taken off of it somehow