Sunday, November 27, 2011

nicotine and peanut butter

Five days
Four nights
One van
One 1970's Northface mummy bag
One bitchn little blue framer
Three classes
Three trophies and a 20$ bill for pro purse.

Wednesday i get the boss man to let me go early and with the van loaded I head west to Utah to see the old man and have a proper thanksgiving feast. To say my dad lives simple in his camper alongside the colorado river is to say B.B. King plays the blues, So it was damn rad to have a full blown turkey dinner with all the fixings including good company.... But of course i had to duck out of their early because their was three days of indoor flattracking racing seventeen hrs away. Me and the dog made it to denver after dropping off some cargo (my river bottomed honda 100) at Ian's new pad. got me a few hrs of sleep and drove the rest of the way across colorado's less than voluptious side and all of nebraska's flat as a carpender's dream corn fields. Just like in the movies; Sign up opened at 3:00 pm and i showed up at 3:30 pm.
Fucking tacky ass track was super good and my new framer was a true delight. I felt like i was skidding my bicycle as a kid in the driveway.  won the vintage am class and 2nd in the vintage pro.
Cowboy of Tommy's Triumphs showed with PBR and whiskey and did a dame fine jop helping me in the pits and as always getting drunk as fuck. Cheers to new friends. Flattrack is where its at. FTW.
 More of the same Sunday. Great racing and holy fucking big baby jesus do i love my new bike!
Hit the road after the races last night and made it to a homo friendly rest stop in the middle of bum fuck nebraska and slept in 20 deg frigid as witch titties cold with Baja dog inside my fart sack. it was so cold thier wasn't even any creepy rest stop poofters poking around the van. yay. woke up, made tea, ran out of stove gas, drank cold tea and drove the last12 hrs home.
Their is another one in two weeks in houston tx. only 18hrs away. I cant hardly fuckin wait.
I forgot my brain bucket but my buddy Bomber had a spare child's that fit like shit. perfect.

For sale. hit me up for contact info. she wouldnt fit in my van.

Nice looking can am champion framer.

one of the best working (not looking) shoes i have seen.

My beloved condo. everything a man needs in my home away from home.
keep it sideways, keep it pinned and, never leave your doors unlocked at a rest stop.


cosmicowboy said...

And a good time was had by all!

cosmicowboy said...

Hey Bomber how is your leg!

Anonymous said...


cosmicowboy said...

hey bro! I think the rickman stuff alone will make my money back!

747 said...


cosmicowboy said...

Got the shit bought when can you meet me a marys bar in cirrillios, NM

cosmicowboy said...

NM! Rickmans bultaco yamaha honda susuki racing shit Cold beer hot women! And too much more to mention!