Sunday, January 2, 2011

old friend

This old van is my favorite, of all the vans i have had this is the only one i still have rotting in my parants pasture. I rolled it once in down town steamboat trying to leave the bar like i was Mario Andretti. That little dent on top is all the damage. if your going to flip a van, go sideways into a sapling forest. put a pretty girl in the back with your brand new honda and tool chest and catch your brother as he trys to fly out your window. dont let the laughing cops get to you. 
When i was attending MMI in phoenix we would put on our full face helmets and screem around with four inches of tail pipe behind the headers. Many a fart cars got their ass handed to em street racin the white lightning. I had to plug a tranny leak with a Permanent marker and some radiator hose just to get it back to colorado. I cant believe that i used that bottom pic on my race resumes back in the day. fuckin moto punk.


Anonymous said...

I helped put a tranny in that thing, I don't mean the kind Travis likes to pick up on sundays.

747 said...

Yeah that thing has had a few trannys put in it. The worst part is when your under neath the tranny trying to wrestle it in. fuck, thats a lot of work!