Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy day.

Well today was a good day for me. I finally snapped out of my winter doldrums for long enough to get my head on straight and a loan for the full amount on a brand new 09 honda crf450x. The bike of my dreams since they came out when I was lofting whoops on a xr650 in baja. YES! Haven't had a new bike for three years and the three years before that i had one a year.  The X is gonna take some heavy breathing on to bring up to snuff on the hp delivery of my R or the Johny Cambell rocket steed i got pictured, stock it is a purring pussy cat. With some of my borrowed scrilla It will soon be a mad mountian lion in heat tearing up rag dolls like freddy kruger. I all ready got a full TwoBrothers system and a ARRGH camshaft on the way.
Anybody wanta pay for a room in my house or maybe just rob some banks in my van?
... o, I  have a real nice, clean 08crf450R for a real deal. hardly ever riden, never raced,(well just a we bit) and never down...except one time it tipped over in the garage. O and one time it clipped a 12" pipe and..... the stop sighn shape of the rear wheel is an enduro traction control device and the baseball sized dents in the swing arm are just cosmetic enhancements. Brand new plastics so its purdy much a fresh spring chicken.


Paul Baleta said...

Nice one dood! I guess you gonna go get some more trophies off-roading this year. Sweet. I wish you well to ride your new steed!

Anonymous said...


Momma bigguns said...

I'd really like to purchase said motorcycle for my grandson, how fast does it go?