Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mad thoughts about racing

I have earned a pro number two and number four plate in two different offroad racing regional series this year, something i never would have dreamed of when i started to follow off road racing. However instead of being proud to cut out those numbers and affix them to backgrounds on plates for the 2011 season I am thinking of building a recently acquired xs650 into a cafe racer, finishing my xs 650 hardtail with some bitchn paint, and taking my recently hopped up to race xs650-750 on some flat track 1/2 mile and mile tracks, taking my "offroad 450" to peoria tt and taking my new cheap as dirt gsxr600 out on some tarmac tracks. besides winning pikes peak 450 class this year i have no real goals. I blame this all on the wide world web and all the inspiration I have been peeping on lately like a pervert outside the naked beautiful girl orgy next door. ( i wish) I am lost this mid winter month of januray when i have since 2006 have had a whole year long itinerary planed out on a calender and givin to a boss for time off. I dont know what to race this year. with gas prices on the rise what can i race? I have a gift at offroad but the tempting high speed world of road racing seems like the pinnacle.  I dont have money for groceries so to race more than what a small wrench monkey wage can afford is un-doable.
This rant is only a cry for help in the racers who read this blog to tell me to shut up, load up the van, and make it happen.
what would Bob Hannah do?


Paul Baleta said...

You got too much talent dood! Mabe flattrackin is cheapest... so will allow you to do a few other things? I know the feeling of too much going fast on bikes to do. Just keep racing and... shut up, load up the van, and make it happen.

Anthony Brown said...

It dont matter what you do its all about the doing something.

Theres always to much good shit for the amount of cash but thats just so you dont have all the fun at once!

Get ur self a cheap flight lets do a rider xchange program!

747 said...

FUCK YES! Im up for it!

Anthony Brown said...

Lets do it then!