Monday, November 6, 2017

More pictures of me!

I can't help it. And Wallace (@brapp_snapps) takes such lovely pictures. Just out playing on the Lil' Goose. I am so lucky to have this bike, It is more fun than a barrel of drunk monkeys. A proper set up MX race bike indeed. The suspoosh is so amazing be it a bit under sprung for me but I don't want to mess up the shim stacks as the 15 year old boingers are unlike anything I have ever ridden. IT is apparent though that I am packing on a lot of extra beer gut since pikes peak (25 lbs!) And it is only a 125 but with a power plant that I imagine was built by Mike Gosselarr, when it is on the pipe it is getting it. The little tiddler is confidence inspiring enough for me to try and get my bar in the dirt. Just having fun. If only these pictures had sound...

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