Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'm just chill'n, like Bob Dylan

I have been struggling with the world around as I perceive it.  Mostly disturbing because I am part of it and most harsh on myself I can feel. It is my attachment to my phone, My bad driving, My frustrations with people I must interact with. Like the pissed off check out manager who cant swipe my card either. I am America. Check it out on instagram.  A picture of pecker head perfection.  Piss on your neighbor.  All my friends are made up. But my old truck has loud ass fucking pipes. I smoke weed all day playing Super Mario bros NES and am drinking beer for lunch. Don’t bust my balls at the stop light bitch. I’m working a real honest 9-5.  Keep your chicken picken fingers off my bread dough. I get up and make an honest effort every day to find meditating moto jesus farting on my yoga mat.  I am my own 18 year olds laughing bald spot of a douche bag biker. Cash register clinking polo shirt petrol pimp. Two wheels of glory spent my life writing this story. From a bmx back ally barspin to hired moto ninja racer. The real freedumb I have found is profound. Double bound. Or else I would be in the pound. I am going to take this exit and abscond.

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