Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Moto Motto

Fuck, I need more weekends in my calendar. Every thing the radio tells me, all the things the TV shows me are trying to steal my life away. I don't need your lower rate finance plan or your season blow out sale on denum dungarees. Take your over priced plastic piece of kiddy hauling cage and just dump it in the junk yard where it will end up within a few years any way. The free man needs none of this capitalist slavery. Freedom is a dirt bike or something of such simple nature. Be apart of the system enough to get by and keep gas in the tank but keep the knowledge of the truth in a financial driven society. I wish I could escape it all but it is everywhere and in it is the last small shred of the American dream. I am far more fortunate than I let my self believe but what more could I want than my two wheeled toys and those to share in them. The years are ticking by and I see that life is not anything more than a good chance for me to fuck off every chance I get. Make a few bucks during the week and wring the shit out of what ever throttle I can every weekend. Here today gone tomorrow. Respect for you and respect for me and future generations. Respect the will to live and die free. WFO.

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