Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Touristing the finest motorcycle shops of Hawaiian Gardens, Long Beach, and Venice Beach.

Chopper Daves. I have spent more hours looking at picters of his shop and THINGS in his shop than anywhere on the internets. What can I can I say. I dont want to got blind.

Roland Sands shop was a lot more simple and hands on than I thought it would be. Roland is a super nice down to earth guy. Likes to pin it. And his race memorabilia pile (They were rearranging shop) was very rich with coolness.

Deus Has a nice little U.K. sized shop where some Wooly fellow puts together some dame fine looking siznycles. I would love to give the CRF a flog. From what I was told about its engine build and set up I think it could own the 450 record at pikes given not the twats. The RC8 is a sophisticated take on style and looks more than ridable.

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Hairy Larry said...

Nice shops...When I blow up the pics from your shop...(when I look for Baja on my phone...)I end up wandering around taking in all the pervs, that's what we are...