Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting old

I don't want to get old. I think I wont. But lots of people do. I am not sure if or when old tries to get me but when it does I will tell it "No." and beat it with an oversized chain saw bladed meat cleaver if I have to. Because I want to keep on racing motorbikes forever. Or until I turn into dirt. Racing is a lot more than riding. It is lining up at the gate knowing you can stomp a mud hole into any asshole and feeding it the beans to win it. What a great captivating addiction racing is. It is red hot no white hot. Many folks get burned out. Sure aint cheap, But what is money for?  And injuries can really change a fellow. But look at five and dimmers like Max:

Max Schaaf | This Time from Mark Choiniere on Vimeo.


Garrett302 said...

As an old guy, I'm totally picking up what yer laying down.

747 said...

I know you know fast guy!

Hairy Larry said...

With any luck you'll get old (being a 6 dime and change guy myself, suddenly...it seems...)not as fast or spry as I was... but, still wanting to twist that throttle... I think you got some good races yet in ya...ya whipper-snapper!