Thursday, December 3, 2015

11 days inside Vana White

What a tool a van is. The right tool for the job. Especially when that job involves loading up plenty of beer, a few old dirtbikes, and your smelly buddies.

Itinerary:Vegas, meet wife, Cosmic Cowboy, Other friends from around the world. Watch GNC Final. Race the Super Hooligan. Say good buy to Wife. Go to the Pinball Hall of Fame (what else is there to do in Vegas.) Camp in desert at abandoned air strip. Go to Malibu and Hang out with friends. Visit Deus, Chopper Dave's and Roland Sands Design. Ride shitty old dirt bikes from Palm springs to Vegas. That simple...With a van you can. Vana white is by far the best 750$ I ever spent. That thing has processed a lot of cheap beer farts.

4Hours into our trip Vana White had a rear axle bearing shit the bed. It was not an easy fix. But when the going get tough; The retarded motorcycle enthusiast will persevere.

California. Gold in them hills. Mikey slept in the bat infested cabin. We awoke to a super sonic fly-by from a couple low flying fighter jets.
Gary put a new old top end in his bike the night before we left. It ran flawless the whole 500 miles and made my bike look almost purdy.
If we look lost it is because we are. If you aint lost your lying. Or you need to get better at loosing your self.
Half way through the 2nd day my shock shaft had enough. The rest of the ride was a bouncy mother fucker I'll have you know. But we made it back to the City of sin. Bouncing like a cholo low rider at ever stop light.

Matt rode his trusty old Honda. I will alway remember him doing can cans over the big jump at the moto-cross track on this beast when we were young little booger eaters. In Honda We Trust.

Mike rode the whole thing the hard way on the trusty old XL350. He was awarded the desert tortoise killer trophy. No turtles were hurt in the making riding of this ride. But I still feel bouncy.

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Hairy Larry said...

Looking good you desert rats....miss my old white Astrovan...Vegas, the never sleeping year!!